What is human nature?

Strong man culture hits the nail on the head!

People will only pursue what they don’t have.

People will only pursue what is missing in themselves.

What the other party has must be what you lack.

When a woman lacks money, she will fall in love with a rich man.

Or a man who looks richer.

This is the Tao of one yin and one yang.

If a woman is not short of money, then she is likely to be short of love.

Then this woman is likely to be captured by a man who cares about her.

Or be won by the kind of man who knows how to use emotional value.

There is another kind of woman who lacks paternal love since childhood.

The probability of this kind of woman being cheated by a man is very high.

Because the more lacking a person is, the easier it is for her to be deceived.

A woman will fall in love with a man, not to say how good the man is.

The truth is because this woman is too lacking.

Will Wu Zetian fall in love with a man? You tell me.

The main contradiction for a woman to attract a man is the woman’s appearance.

The main contradiction for a man to attract a woman is the man’s wealth.

So whether you are picking up girls or flirting with men, you must grasp the main contradiction.

The most valuable point in you, you have to talk about it every day.

If you don’t tell it, how will others know?

Are you letting others guess?

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