What harm does not drinking enough water do to the body? Get up in the morning and drink two glasses of “life-saving water”

Grandma Gao is 82 years old this year. She rarely drinks water during the day, but she drinks two cups before going to bed. The son feels very strange: “Mom, people drink during the day. Why do you drink at night? Be careful getting up at night if you drink too much.”

Grandma Gao said: “I have diabetes. I heard from experts that drinking some water before going to bed can prevent blood from sticking.”

“You don’t sleep well, I think you should drink it during the day instead!”

“Drinking too much during the day will be bad for the kidneys. It is better to drink it before going to bed. I still listen to experts.”

< span>It seems to be a simple question of drinking water, but it reflects the contradictions in many people’s minds. When is it better to drink water? Will drinking too much damage the kidneys?

Wake up in the morning and drink two glasses of “life-saving water”

It is no exaggeration to say that it is “life-saving water”. There are two time periods during the day that are very important for patients with cardiovascular diseases The point is, one is early in the morning, and the other is around ten o’clock. At this time, the blood of the human body is relatively viscous.

After waking up in the morning, the human body is like a machine. It needs a glass of water to wake up and activate the flowing blood and cells, so that the whole body can run quickly. This Drinking 250ml from time to time can reduce the risk of chronic disease attacks.

After eating breakfast, the stomach and intestines start to digest, blood sugar slowly rises, blood lipids gradually accumulate, and the second dangerous period comes around ten o’clock At this time, drink another glass of 250ml of water to help blood lipids and blood sugar metabolism, and help reduce thrombus formation.

Moisture is not only to relieve dry mouth and tongue, the most important thing is to benefit the blood vessels and every cell, not because of the garbage and toxins in the body A malfunction has occurred.

Drink when you are thirsty, the intestines, kidneys, and brain are all injured

Usually I don’t have the habit of bringing a water bottle when I go out. I only buy a bottle of mineral water to drink a few sips when I’m thirsty. I don’t have the habit of deliberately drinking water. I only remember it when my throat gets hot.

I don’t have the habit of replenishing water in small amounts and frequently, the water in my body is getting less and less, and it may be light I don’t even know if I’m dehydrated. Because at this time you are just a little dry mouth and less urine, the overall effect is not big, but if you continue to lack water, you will become irritable and quicken your breathing< span>, check that the pulse is weakened at this time.

You think that thirst is a signal from the mouth, but in fact, the cells in the whole body are dehydrated. In order to let you replenish water as soon as possible, you directly reflect In the mouth, expect you to eat or drink a little and rehydrate as soon as possible.

Intestinal damage when not hydrated

When the feces are full of water, they are soft and pass through the intestinal tract smoothly, but now because of the lack of water, the feces are united together, like small hard stones, and it is not so convenient to slide through the intestinal tract. Slowly accumulated more and more, and finally blocked, turning into constipation.

Kidneys are damaged when water is not enough

Kidneys metabolize water and need water at the same time Nourish, wash away the small stones and inflammation inside, so that the kidney function can run completely, but now the body is short of water, the kidney can only continue to reabsorb, using “waste water” over and over again, not only Increased stone risk, alsoInflammation can infect the kidney tubules.

The average person’s drinking water will not burden the kidneys, it only uses a quarter of its working capacity, sufficient water can help The body metabolizes waste better and strengthens the filtering ability of the kidneys.

The brain is damaged when not hydrated

Many people may not understand, how can drinking less water affect the brain? Because brain cells are very fragile, brain cells will shrivel and die when they lack water, which will affect brain function and cause damage to nerves, so they will feel irritable after lack of water, and they will not be able to think normally. Even seeing hallucinations is actually caused by brain dysfunction.

When is the best time to drink water? Tell you how to drink at 5 moments

People with poor sleep, drink 1 hour before going to bed

Warm people drive away the cold, so you won’t have cold hands and feet when you sleep, and it can calm down irritability and chaotic thoughts, so you can fall asleep as soon as possible. The reason for the interval of one hour is because the metabolism of the water is about 30-60 minutes after the water enters the body. If you drink too much, you will want to pee. At this time, you will feel sleepy. If you suddenly feel the urge to urinate, all previous efforts will be wasted, so it is better to drink in advance.

People with constipation, drink a big drink after getting up

Struggling to defecate is actually due to drinking less water, and the feeling of defecation is strong in the morning. At this time, take a few large sips quickly, and the stool will become soft after absorbing the water, which can facilitate its excretion, which is more effective than sips and slow drinking it is good.

Drink half a cup in the morning and evening for diabetics

Elderly people with high blood sugar, drink half a cup before going to bed Just one cup, leave half a cup to drink after getting up in the morning. In addition, you should drink water normally during the day, and you should not drink too little, as drinking too little will affect metabolism.

If you want to beautify your skin, you should drink it in the morning

The body metabolizes a lot of waste, which should be excreted in time, and at the same time, a certain amount of water should be added to make the cells plump and energetic, so that the skin will not be dry, itchy, and the mouth will not crack.

When you catch a cold, drink a small amount several times

Drinking some hot water will make your throat, brain and stomach feel uncomfortable when you are sick. At the same time, it can speed up sweating, reduce mucous membrane swelling and expectoration. But don’t drink too much at once, the body is too weak at this time, and the body is prone to edema if you drink too much, so it is more appropriate to drink a small amount and many times.

In short, drinking water is not that complicated. If you don’t know how to drink it, just pour a glass of warm water, put it on the table, and drink it often when working and studying Take a sip, drink two or three glasses a day, and your body will not be so prone to dehydration.