What happened to the first batch of people with new coronary pneumonia? Demystifying the sequelae of the new coronavirus…

We saw something outrageous

In foreign countries, many people are afraid of the side effects of the new crown vaccine

even actively exposed to the hope of contracting the new coronavirus

Expect immunity to the virus

This is a completely wrong idea

Countless studies have shown

The benefits of vaccination for people with indications for the new crown vaccine

Much greater than possible side effects

And in case of true infection with the new crown virus

The impact it makes

It may be bigger than you think…

This is based on a March 2021 post

Nature Medicine research

Earliest batch recorded

COVID-19 patient after recovery and discharge

Possible sequelae within 2-6 months

In November, Frontiers in Medicine released the latest sequelae study

Even in non-critically ill patients

Nearly a year after being diagnosed with COVID-19

There are also sequelae such as difficulty sleeping, fatigue, and joint pain

Contributing Author:

Johnson and

Master of Neuroscience, Hokkaido University, Japan

Luo Tianming

Postdoctoral Fellow in Virology, Peking University School of Basic Medicine


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