What does the man whose nose hair always “channels” out suggests? Why do nose hairs turn white? increased knowledge

A colleague of Brother Tianwang teased him for his heavy nose hair, which had grown out. Feeling embarrassed, Brother Wang began to pay attention to trimming his nose hair. But what troubles Big Brother Wang is that his nose hair grows too fast, and it doesn’t take long for it to come out again.

Brother Wang simply plucked his nose hair directly from time to time. As a result, shortly after plucking his nose hair, he felt a little redness and pain in his nose, and he had a fever that day. At first, he thought it was a cold, but after taking some medicine, the fever did not subside, and his nose became more and more painful, so he had to go to the hospital for treatment.

After examination, the doctor diagnosed Brother Wang suffered from nasal vestibulitis, the cause of It was his behavior of plucking nose hairs, which damaged the hair follicles. In addition, he pulled out almost all the nose hairs this time, and his nasal cavity and both sides of the nose were very red and swollen.

The doctor said that if Brother Wang came to the hospital later, he might have lost his life. Brother Wang never thought that plucking his nose hair could be so serious, and he vowed never to pluck his nose hair indiscriminately in the future.

The nose hair in the nose actually has many functions. Why do some people’s nose hair like to “channel” out?

First, a man with strong nose hair, what does it imply?

First of all, let’s talk about the role of nose hair.

Nose hair is the first line of defense in the respiratory system, filtering the air and resisting dust and bacteria in the outside world. It also keeps the nasal mucosa moist, helping to prevent epistaxis, dry rhinitis and atrophic rhinitis. In addition, nose hair can also protect the olfactory nerve from being damaged, thereby maintaining normal olfactory function.

Men’s nose hair seems to be easy to “channel” out. Does this have any special meaning?

Nose hair grows vigorously, and the growth rate is related to a variety of factors, including genetic factors, age, external stimuli (such as air quality) poor), hormone levels, etc.

What about the whitening of the nose hair? There are two cases, one is physiological whitening and the other is pathological whitening.

The physiological whitening of nose hair is mainly due to human aging, The ability to produce and transport melanin in the melanin is reduced, which causes the hair (including the nose hair) to turn white. And heredity can also cause physiological whitening of the nose hair, which is common in juvenile whiteness (a white hair disease), and the patient’s nose hair will also turn white.

Causes of pathological whitening of nose hair includedisease, nutritional and psychiatric factors etc. For example, serious diseases such as typhoid fever and encephalitis, lack of vitamins or trace elements in the body, excessive mental stress, anxiety and fear, etc., may cause the nose hair to turn white.

Second, why some people have more body hair and some less?

In addition to nose hair, the human body also has eyebrows, eyelashes, sweat hairs…. various body hairs. Some people will find that some girls have heavy body hair and some boys have almost no body hair. Is this related to health?

Every human being is covered with hair follicles and body hair, and the number is about 5 million. At birth, the body hair is relatively soft and has no color. It looks like a small transparent fluff, which is medically called “vellus hair”< span>.

At puberty, the male hormone changes in the body will gradually make the vellus hair darker, thicker and stiffer, eventually forming what we often call body hair, which is medically called < /span>“Terminal Hair”.

Because hair growth is affected by androgens in the body, the male body There are more androgens in males than females, so in general males will grow more and more visible body hair than females.

Some women have heavier body hair, possibly because their hair follicles are more sensitive to androgens strong>Or the natural hair follicles are more developed, so even if the level of male hormones in the body is very low, the growth of body hair is relatively lush.

Men have light body hair, which may be caused by slightly lower androgen, but if other secondary sexual characteristics develop normally, then there is no harm or impact on the body .

Third, I advise you not to pull out the nose hairs

An incident occurred in Miami, USA: A 24-year-old man developed flu-like symptoms such as headache, high fever, neck stiffness, and vomiting. Initial examination showed that he had fever and septicemia. Doctors suspected that it might be bacterial meningitis. The cause is related to his usual love to pluck nose hairs.

When the doctor suggested that he be hospitalized for further examination and treatment, he thought the hospital was making a fuss, so he chose to go home.

The next morning, he was found unconscious in bed by his family, who immediately sent him to the hospital, but he was confirmed dead by medical staff on the way to the hospital.

Subsequent autopsy reports revealed that he diedof bacterial meningitis, which was a nasal infection.

This case tells us, don’t underestimate the nose hair plucking harm. Nose hair plucking will not only damage the nasal mucosa, but may also lead to inversion of nasal hair and folliculitis.

After plucking, part of the nose hair remains in the hair follicle, and the newly grown nose hair is very short and easy to curl. These nose hairs may not grow outward along the follicle, but instead It grows towards the inside, so the nose hair is inverted.

In addition to plucking nose hairs, it is not recommended to use vinegar or foam cream to remove nose hairs.

The correct way to trim nose hair isuse a small, round nose trimmer and focus on the longer section, don’t Cut it too short, let alone cut it all off.

Fourth, don’t pluck your nose hair, don’t pick your nose

Many people often habitually pick their noses, but they don’t know that such small actions can pose a threat to their health.

The nose is in the facedanger triangle, here < strong>Blood circulation is abundant, but the blood barrier is relatively weak. Picking your nose can reduce nose hair and nasal secretions and destroy the defense capacity of the nasal cavity.

If you pick your nose with uncleaned fingers, it is easy to carry bacteria and pathogens The nasal mucosa is very fragile. If it is dug out and bleeds, the bacteria will enter the venous cavernous sinus in the cranial cavity through the blood circulation, which may cause serious intracranial infectionintracranial infection span>.

If you feel uncomfortable with a foreign body in your nose, you can use running water or a nasal rinse to clean your nose. Or use a cotton swab dipped in clean water or light salt water and gently roll to remove.

In general, the nose hair should not be plucked indiscriminately, and the nostrils should not be plucked indiscriminately, otherwise it may really cause a big problem.


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