What can doctors do in the process of building a research hospital?

On April 19, 2022, “Taizhou People’s Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing Medical University”, “Nanjing Medical University Taizhou Clinical Medical College” and “Nanjing Medical University Taizhou Pharmaceutical Industry Research Institute” were held in Taizhou at the same time. The official unveiling of the Municipal People’s Hospital marks the official incorporation of Taizhou People’s Hospital into the management system of hospitals directly affiliated to Nanjing Medical University.

There is no doubt that this is a milestone in the development of Taizhou People’s Hospital. Backed by Nanjing Medical University is an opportunity. The blueprint of the hospital’s vigorous development is slowly unfolding; but at the same time, a new journey It also puts forward higher requirements for hospital management and development, and many challenges also follow.

During this critical period, Chen Minglong served as Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President of Taizhou People’s Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing Medical University, and took on the important task of transforming the hospital into a research hospital affiliated to a university and achieving high-quality development. Not long ago, Lilac Garden had the honor to invite President Chen Minglong to share with us his unique insights on hospital transformation and high-quality development.

Strengthen the hospital’s “high-quality” connotation construction and realize the transformation of “research hospital”

President Chen Minglong pointed out that high-quality development is the state’s requirement for public hospitals, and the construction of research-oriented hospitals is an inevitable development choice for Taizhou People’s Hospital affiliated to Nanjing Medical University.

It is reported that, as a hospital with a long history of 105 years in Taizhou, it is also the only national tertiary first-class general hospital in Taizhou integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research and prevention. The Taizhou People’s Hospital affiliated to the Medical University has a long-standing reputation among the local people.

In order to allow the local people to enjoy better medical services and make the people more satisfied, over the years, Taizhou People’s Hospital affiliated to Nanjing Medical University has been making every effort to develop, whether it is in the comprehensive management of the hospital Significant progress has been made in terms of capacity, medical safety, medical quality, medical services, etc., and has won more recognition and trust from the people.

Now, standing at a new starting point, President Chen Minglong said that the hospital will build a national key specialty, strengthen the construction of research disciplines in existing key disciplines, and enhance differentiated specialties. We have implemented measures such as medical services to realize the high-quality connotation construction of the hospital and the transformation of a “research-oriented hospital” with “people who have no one, but one who has talent, and who is perfect”.

In the process of building a research hospital, it is a difficult problem to mobilize the enthusiasm of staff in scientific research. In this regard, Dean Chen Minglong believes that the key lies in the change of thinking concept.

“Doctors must focus on clinical research in their scientific research. They cannot blindly do basic research in the laboratory, but must integrate it with clinical practice.” Dean Chen Minglong believes that when focusing on When conducting clinical research on clinical problems, scientific research is no longer a high threshold and difficult for clinicians to do; the scientific research results in this case will also help the development of clinical medicine and benefit patients more.

In the opinion of Dean Chen Minglong, there are many patients in each department, and the digital classification of the information generated by them is medical data, and the summarization of these medical data can constitute research evidence , when a research article is published or cited in a guideline, it becomes the basis for medical behavior.

“So, clinical research is actually a process of ‘from numbers to data, data to evidence, and evidence to basis’.”

It is understood that as a cardiovascular doctor, President Chen Minglong not only has superb clinical skills, but also pioneered the personalized treatment of persistent atrial fibrillation known as the “Nanjing Method” in the world. Ablation strategy, technology promotion radiates all over the country and many countries in Southeast Asia; and has a lot of academic achievements, including concurrently serving as editorial board member and associate editor of many authoritative journals in his field, publishing more than 50 SCI articles, etc., can be regarded as a model of dual talents in clinical research.

“A good doctor must also be a good scientist and a good educator”. This is the request of President Chen Minglong for himself and the expectation for all employees.

The mission of “saving the wounded and helping the wounded” to “saving the wounded and protecting the health”

What is the mission of the physician? When asked this question, I believe that most medical staff will have four words in their minds: save lives!

Indeed, for thousands of years, countless doctors have regarded “rescue the dying” as their lifelong mission. However, President Chen Minglong emphasized that under the background of the new era changing from “treatment-centered” to “health-centered”, the core mission of doctors is no longer just “rescue the wounded”, but also has a grander mission: to protect healthy!

“Healing the Dead” focuses more on rescuing patients from the disease, while “Guarding Health” emphasizes keeping the public from falling into the hands of the disease. The mission shift from “rescue the wounded” to “rescue the wounded and protect the health” has put forward more and higher requirements for doctors, and it is also a major challenge that the hospital must deal with in the process of high-quality development.

Facing this challenge, Dean Chen Minglong’s strategy is to extend the concept of big health to the “two ends” of the pre-hospital and post-hospital, and to promote the implementation of disease prevention and control in Taizhou People’s Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing Medical University. Process management initiatives.

According to President Chen Minglong, Taizhou People’s Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing Medical University will help patients and potential patients to recognize and solve the problem of disease through pre-hospital intelligent chronic disease management and post-hospital integrated management. Predisposing factors and risk factors, so as to reduce the risk of recurrence of patients after discharge, or to eliminate potential patients who have not yet developed the disease.

“We not only need to implement various measures of whole-process management to deeply practice the concept of big health, but more importantly, in this process, we need to collect various medical data and develop Research, using medical big data to prove that the measures we have taken are correct, and correcting inappropriate behaviors based on research evidence, this is what a research hospital should really do well.”

President Chen Minglong has always believed that as long as he insists on speaking with data and evidence, the transformation of the “research hospital” of Taizhou People’s Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing Medical University will be successful, and the hospital will be successful in management and medical care. Every move in the behavior will become an industry norm and an advanced model, and will be a strong part in the construction of “Healthy China” and “Healthy Taizhou”.

Talent is the foundation of the hospital, and we must take the initiative to help talents grow and play their value

Talking about medical talents, Dean Chen Minglong emphasized that talents are always the foundation regardless of discipline construction or hospital development. He also said that it is important for hospitals to introduce talents, but this is only the first step. Follow-up should take the initiative to help talents grow, make talents willing to stay, and tap and stimulate their own value. This is the more important part of talent introduction. .

For the Taizhou People’s Hospital affiliated to Nanjing Medical University, which is in the transition period, the need for medical talents is more urgent, and a series of measures with more competitive advantages have naturally been implemented. For example, actively implement relevant supporting policies for talent introduction, including helping them settle down to solve their worries, providing start-up funds and scientific research platforms to help them achieve success, etc.

In addition, for some specific specialties, Taizhou People’s Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing Medical University will take some flexible measures in talent introduction according to local conditions. For example, for urgently needed high-level talents, if direct introduction cannot be achieved, flexible introduction measures can be taken to achieve the purpose of “not for me, but for my use”.

In addition, Dean Chen Minglong also added that the Taizhou People’s Hospital affiliated to Nanjing Medical University not only pursues superb medical technology in talent introduction and training, but also pays attention to whether it can formulate innovative strategies for disease diagnosis and treatment. (such as formulating a reasonable clinical diagnosis and treatment path), whether the innovative ideas and research results can be truly transformed into clinical practice, and whether they can do a good job in teaching and cultivating young doctors.

All in all, in terms of discipline construction and talent introduction, Dean Chen Minglong mainly focuses on the four major areas of technology leadership, strategic innovation, achievement transformation, and education and training, and is committed to improving every person in the hospital. The capabilities of medical personnel in these areas.

“Talents cannot be ‘free-range’, otherwise they may gradually lose their combat effectiveness; they must be ‘captive’ first, help them grow and grow through resource tilt, and then ‘free-range’ and give full rights, Let him open his hands and feet boldly to release his talents, and gradually hone himself as a leader in his field.” said Dean Chen Minglong.

Remember when accepting the appointment, Dean Chen Minglong once stated, “Taizhou People’s Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing Medical University will realize transformation as soon as possible, focusing on technological leadership, strategic innovation, innovation transformation, etc. It is fully integrated into the Nanjing Medical University’s clinical capability improvement plan, implements the whole process of disease management, builds a research-oriented hospital, and forms a college style with its own characteristics and brand that is different from ordinary public hospitals.”

Now, with the promotion and implementation of one innovation after another, we can deeply feel that the Taizhou People’s Hospital affiliated to Nanjing Medical University is undergoing a new transformation, and its vigorous development The blueprint is slowly unfolding.

I believe that in the near future, Taizhou People’s Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing Medical University will be able to bloom with dazzling brilliance in the high-quality development and construction of a “research hospital”.

Content review: Fangfang Feng

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Photo source: Taizhou People’s Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing Medical University