What are the long-term bad habits that can easily cause hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are very common, and the incidence rate is also very high. Only those who have experienced the pain of recurrent hemorrhoids know. It is clinically shown that most hemorrhoid patients have unhealthy living habits, and perhaps the small details that you usually do not pay attention to are the “culprits” that induce hemorrhoids. Failure to make adjustments in time after illness will aggravate hemorrhoids. Today, let’s talk about what long-term bad habits are likely to cause hemorrhoids?

1. Sedentary and standing

In modern society, most of the working forms are sitting or standing. Especially for white-collar workers and teachers, they often sit or stand for a whole day. Lack of exercise is a common problem. And this also paved the way for anorectal diseases such as hemorrhoids. Sitting for a long time will lead to poor blood vessels, which will cause turbid qi and congestion, which will flow into the anus and cause hemorrhoids. Standing for a long time can also cause hemorrhoids.

2. Wrong diet

People with unhealthy diet are especially prone to hemorrhoids. Addicted to spicy and stimulating food, such as pepper, chili, raw onion, raw garlic, drinking a lot of alcohol, can stimulate the rectal and anal mucous membrane, local congestion, and induce hemorrhoids. In addition, eating fat, sweet and thick flavors, eating too fine and refined foods, and low crude fiber content in food will lead to less or difficult stools, which can induce hemorrhoids over time.

3. Living habits

Hemorrhoid patients live out of discipline, eat irregularly, and have irregular daily life, which leads to the disorder of human biological rhythm , there is no time, every day sometimes sometimes not. Living in a damp and cold place can cause rectal and anal veins to accumulate and hemorrhoids to occur.

4. Squatting in the toilet to read the newspaper

Many people have the habit of bringing a newspaper to the toilet. Habits will bury a lot of hidden dangers for anorectal health. The time to go to the toilet is generally 3-5 minutes, but once you bring newspapers in, the time to go to the toilet will be greatly extended. Excessive defecation time can increase abdominal pressure, anorectal congestion, hemorrhoidal varicose veins, and even cause rectal mucosa to separate from the muscular layer, and the anal canal will move down with the feces, and hemorrhoids will easily occur over time.

5. Insufficient exercise

Lack of exercise can lead to decreased intestinal peristalsis, slow downward stool, and habitual constipation. It is one of the causes of hemorrhoids.

6. Increased abdominal pressure

Due to liver cirrhosis, hepatic congestion and cardiac insufficiency, etc., and abdominal cavity Intra-abdominal tumors, prostatic hypertrophy and other diseases can increase intra-abdominal pressure and form hemorrhoids, including pregnancy of course.

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