What are the factors that affect morning erection?

Morning erection is a normal physiological phenomenon of men. Morning erection is a method for self-charging and self-care of the penis, which promotes the normal metabolism of the penis and maintains the normal erectile function of men. But, do you know what factors can affect morning erections? Take everyone to understand today!

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【What factors will affect morning erection? 】



Men who smoke are more likely to experience erectile dysfunction than men who do not smoke. Smoking affects blood circulation in the body, including in the genital area. This makes it difficult for the penis to maintain an erection.

androgen reduction< /strong>

When male When hormone production decreases, it often causes men to wake up in the morning without morning sickness. Because sufficient androgen secretion is the key to maintaining male sexual performance.

When the secretion of androgen is not enough to maintain normal sexual function, men need to pay attention and treat the hormone level in time Symptoms, so as not to affect physical and mental health.


for many reasons , diabetes is a very common health problem. Unfortunately, erectile dysfunction is one of the many problems that people with diabetes may struggle with. Erectile dysfunction caused by diabetes is not irreversible, and controlling blood sugar levels will make it better to a certain extent.

Disease Impact

The disappearance of male morning erections is very It may be affected by certain diseases. Many types of diseases can lead to a decrease in male sexual function, and even the performance of morning erections will disappear, especially those with tuberculosis, coronary heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

During the development of these types of diseases, physical health will also be affected. If these underlying diseases are threatening , should be improved through symptomatic treatment, and the body will recover, and the morning erection will continue to appear.

Cause of holding back urine for a long time

The disappearance of morning erections in men may be caused by holding back urine. Excessive storage of urine in the bladder will make the bladder Increased internal pressure, obvious stimulation, and subconscious reflex erection of the penis, so that the normal morning erection performance of men may disappear.

Once this bad habit exists, it will not only damage the bladder function, but also men’s urinary system, kidneys and other health will be threatened, so you should get rid of the bad habit of holding back urine.

Poor sleep quality

< p data-track="37">Men’s morning erection is not obvious, and it may also be affected by sleep. The quality of sleep and whether the sleep time is sufficient all affect the performance of men’s morning erection.

If there is no reasonable way to have high-quality sleep, the secretion of male hormones will be affected, and morning erections will also be affected. An exception will occur. If you want to promote good health, you should actively regulate your body and ensure adequate sleep time.


【How to restore normal morning erection reduction? 】

Appropriate amount of cholesterol supplement

Cholesterol is an important substance for the synthesis of male hormones, but high-cholesterol foods are not suitable for long-term consumption. Otherwise it will cause chronic diseases such as hyperlipidemia and fatty liver.

Strengthen exercise

Regular physical exercise is beneficial to The benefits to the human body are self-evident, and it is also positively helpful to the recovery of morning erections. For example: swimming, running, etc. If you want to quickly restore your morning erection, you can do special pelvic floor muscle training.

Changing Lifestyle< /strong>

Male friends who have smoking and drinking habits must change this bad habit, and people with irregular lives must also change their lifestyles to achieve a regular and healthy life.

Supplement zinc and amino acids

< div class="pgc-img">Zinc can help synthesize sperm and maintain the normal operation of male reproductive organs, especially The ability of the testes to secrete testosterone.

Amino acid is a substance required for sperm formation, and amino acid supplementation can also protect the health of the kidneys Very important role.