What are the characteristics of women with strong hormones? Check it out and see how many you have?

Hormones are produced by normal body tissues. When they enter the blood, they will be transported to other tissues throughout the body through blood circulation, and then play a special physiological role.

Hormones are essential for normal physiological activities, if the body lacks hormones, some adverse effects will occur Symptoms can also easily cause some diseases.

For women, the state of the body is closely related to the secretion of hormones, and women with age The growth of hormones will gradually reduce the secretion of hormones. For women with strong hormones, what characteristics do they have?


What are the characteristics of women with strong hormones? Check it out and see how many you have?

Emotional stability

The secretion of hormones in women is strong, and their emotions will remain stable. Therefore, for some women in love, they will feel special happiness, and if the secretion of hormones is insufficient, it will cause mood irritable.

Well-proportioned body shape, not easy to gain weight

< p data-track="9">As women grow older, especially after entering middle age, they will experience body fat problems. In addition to being related to age, it is also closely related to hormones, because hormone secretion Insufficiency will cause the metabolism to slow down, and fat will not be broken down and burned, so the problem of obesity will appear.

For women with strong hormone secretion, the metabolic rate will be significantly accelerated, which is conducive to promoting fat decomposition and burning, and maintaining body shape well-proportioned.

Sleep quality Good

When women face high pressure, they will cause sleep quality problems and often suffer from insomnia at night, which may be related to hormones Hormone is a kind of hormone. If the secretion is too little, it will cause endocrine disorders. If the hormone is secreted enough, the general sleep quality is also very good.

Skin bright and shiny

It is a woman’s nature to love beauty. Everyone hopes to have a better appearance, so I usually pay special attention to my external image. However, with age, the skin condition will gradually age. In fact, this has something to do with hormones The secretion of hormones is also related. If the hormones are secreted sufficiently, the skin will become elastic and shiny.

Stable menstruation

The hormones in the female body will also affect the changes in menstruation. If the secretion of hormones is sufficient, menstruation can come normally, and it can also help the body detoxify.

Women enter middle age After the stage, due to the hypofunction of the ovaries, the secretion of hormones will gradually decrease, which will also affect the menstrual situation, easily causing menstrual disorders, and even menopause.

Strong immunity

Immunity has a positive effect on the health of the body. If the immunity is strong, the risk of disease will also decrease. Women with strong hormone secretion in the body have relatively normal endocrine and stronger immune function.


Hormones at different ages

Generally, women at 18 Between the ages of 25 and 25, the secretion of hormones in the body will reach its peak. As the age increases, the secretion of hormones will decrease at a rate of 15% every 10 years.

Before the age of 30, the endocrine system of women can Self-regulation, if the secretion of hormones is insufficient, it will affect other physiological functions.

When a woman is about 30 years old, her hormone level will gradually decline. If she is extremely deficient in estrogen, her organ function will decline and her skin will become loose , Dim, easy to deteriorate mental state.

When a woman reaches the age of 45, 40% of her hormone function is completely lost. And by the age of 80 or so, less than 1/10 is left.


These behaviors will lead to hormone loss, women should get rid of them in time< /span>

Improper diet

Now there are more and more types of food on the table, but the existence of unhealthy eating habits for a long time will not only fail to provide nutrition for the body, but also cause the easy loss of hormones.

Incorrect weight loss

< span>Most women will lose weight in normal times, but improper weight loss methods will also bring negative impacts on the body, such as dieting to lose weight, taking weight loss pills, etc., will cause hormones to easily lose.

Smoking and drinking

Many women also develop the habit of smoking and drinking in daily life, but the harmful substances in it will increase the burden on the body and cause the easy loss of hormones.