Western medicine treatment of cancer is a “blind man touching the elephant”, can traditional Chinese medicine cure the root cause? Expert answers make sense

“It’s said that I’m not hospitalized, I’ll be suffering if I go! If the disease is not cured, I’ll be gone first!”

Facing the kindness of family members Persuaded by words, Lao Li still insisted on his choice. After finding out the lung cancer, he did not take the doctor’s recommendation to be hospitalized. Instead, he secretly ran home and planned to use traditional Chinese medicine to fight cancer.

“Western medicine can only open surgery, where the pain is the same as the pain here. It is like a blind person touching an elephant. It is not as good as Chinese medicine to cure the root cause. I have a comrade-in-arms. I’m gone.” Old Li insisted on his own way, and his family had no choice but to find a good Chinese medicine doctor and really cure the disease.

1. Does Western medicine treat cancer as “blind men touch the elephant”?

Faced with cancer, many patients first face the problem of choosing the direction of treatment. Many people are uncertain whether to choose Western medicine or traditional Chinese medicine.

Currently, the common treatments for cancer in western medicine include chemotherapy, radiotherapy, minimally invasive, surgery, targeted therapy, immunotherapy and so on. Clinically, once a cancer patient is diagnosed, the primary consideration is surgical resection of the lesion tissue, radical treatment, chemotherapy and radiotherapy to remove residual cancer cells and cancer tissue. For some special cancers and patients, local minimally invasive or targeted therapy will be considered.

However, because western medicine treatment has some side effects and the methods are more “radical”, many patients will appear resistance. In addition, even if the lesion is surgically removed, due to the characteristics of metastasis and recurrence of cancer cells and the lack of adequate follow-up adjuvant therapy and care, it is very likely that the lesion will reappear, or other factors may be involved. At this time, the patient will easily feel that the treatment is “useless”, like “the blind man touching the elephant”, and it cannot be cured.

But in fact, Western medicine treatment, as the main means of modern anti-cancer, brings far more positive benefits to patients than negative impacts, which is not what patients think. “Blind Man Touching the Elephant”.

Compared with the long course of treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, the treatment of western medicine is fast and direct, which can attack the lesions in a short time and let patients get rid of shadow. In addition, once most cancers occur, the development process is very fast, and many patients are difficult to detect in time, and the diagnosis is often in the middle and late stages. . It can be seen that Western medicine in fighting cancer is still irreplaceable by any method at this stage.

And with the improvement of precision cancer treatment, the treatment also has more precise targeting . On the one hand, professional doctors are more strict with the use of chemotherapy drugs; on the other hand, clinically, the application of minimally invasive and targeted therapy can also lock the treatment in a small area, and try to avoid secondary harm to the patient. This is also the main reason why minimally invasive, targeted and immunotherapy have become the general direction of current medical breakthroughs against cancer.

Second, 3 misunderstandings to avoid in TCM treatment of cancer

Chinese medicine culture is broad and profound, with a long history. Compared with the “radical” of Western medicine, Chinese medicine treatment methods are more “gentle”, and Chinese people have a natural sense of trust in Chinese medicine.

The fundamental of Chinese medicine anti-cancer treatment is to strengthen the body and eliminate pathogenic factors, and achieve the purpose of anti-cancer by enhancing the body’s own immune mechanism. The main treatment methods include decoction, acupuncture, Chinese patent medicine, Traditional Chinese medicine injection, external medicine, rehabilitation exercise, emotional therapy, etc. The advantage of traditional Chinese medicine is that by strengthening the body and strengthening the body, it can promote the physical recovery of patients after surgery. The patient’s own disease resistance is improved, and postoperative rehabilitation and cancer recurrence will also show positive effects, and it will also have a better alleviation effect on the side effects of western medicine chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

In addition,The core idea of ​​traditional Chinese medicine is “one person, one side”, focusing on syndrome differentiation and individuality, Many patients choose traditional Chinese medicine but do not pay attention to standardized treatment, and eventually fall into the misunderstanding of treatment, delaying the disease.

  • Myth 1: The more traditional Chinese medicine you eat, the healthier you are. It is better to have medicine than no medicine
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    Many cancer patients are overly dependent on drugs under fear, so that they take traditional Chinese medicine in large quantities for a long time, which is also a wrong behavior. After all, “it’s a medicine with three points of poison”, many Chinese medicines have liver toxicity and kidney toxicity, and eating too much is not a good thing. Traditional Chinese medicine must be used symptomatically under the guidance of a professional doctor.

    • Myth 2: One penny for one Dividing the goods, the more expensive the Chinese medicine, the more effective

    Many people think that ginseng, velvet antler, and ganoderma lucidum are very valuable Chinese medicines that are beneficial to the human body, so traditional Chinese medicine Most of the time, the more expensive, the better the effect. When fighting cancer, only the expensive ones are eaten, and the right ones are not eaten. This is also wrong. The reason why some precious Chinese medicines are expensive is not necessarily related to their efficacy, but is also affected by the output and hype. Traditional Chinese medicine should be treated with the right medicine. The efficacy of Chinese medicine cannot be bought with money.

    • Myth 3: If other people’s things are good, they also need to “copy homework”< /li>

    Traditional Chinese medicine is very emphasizes individualization, two people who appear to have the same symptoms When you see a Chinese doctor, the prescriptions you get may be very different. What’s more, anti-cancer treatment needs to consider the type of cancer, personal constitution, medicinal properties of traditional Chinese medicine, disease progression, etc., so we must not copy other people’s prescriptions.

    Third, the combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, the effect of cancer treatment may be 1+1>2

    In summary, we can find that both Chinese and Western medicine can treat cancer. They have their own advantages and disadvantages, and they do not seem to be completely independent. Professor Lin Lizhu, deputy director of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, also took lung cancer as an example:

    “We found that, The participation of traditional Chinese medicine in the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer can further improve the curative effect. Early postoperative anti-cancer prevention and recurrence prevention, mid-term attack and supplement, late stage tonic and righting, through the organic combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, the disease can be better controlled, the quality of life of lung cancer patients is better, the survival period is longer, and the 1+ 1 is greater than 2. ”

    Similarly, not only lung cancer, but most cancers in the process of treatment, if the standard integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment can be realized, the therapeutic effect will be considerable.


Integration of traditional Chinese and Western medicine is the best choice for anti-cancer treatment.Western medicine directly strikes the tumor, like a “spear” piercing the tumor, Traditional Chinese medicine can act on the inside and build a barrier between the patient’s health and the tumor, acting like a “shield”. The “spear” and “shield” cooperate with each other inside and out, so that cancer cells have nowhere to escape, and truly realize learning from each other’s strengths and detoxification. The goal of synergism.The intervention of traditional Chinese medicine will also play a greater role in tumor-bearing survival and reduce side effects, giving patients a better choice.

Back to the first case, after being diagnosed with cancer, Lao Li blindly trusted Chinese medicine and rejected Western medicine because he lacked proper The comprehensive understanding of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine is only a wrong judgment that is considered beneficial by self-subjective feelings under the huge threat of cancer. This is also the current situation of the vast majority of cancer patients. In clinical practice, how to make patients more clear , A rational understanding of the differences and advantages between Chinese and Western medicine, and better coordination of treatment are also an important part of anti-cancer.

Therefore, Xiao Ai would like to remind every cancer patient again. Patient: Don’t underestimate anti-cancer treatment, you must understand it carefully, and believe in the power of medicine.

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