Watch and talk while eating! “Watching football economy” ignites winter passion

Weifang Daily News from Weifang Financial Media With the start of the World Cup, many merchants also seized this hot spot and started the “World Cup Mode”, hanging the national flags of the World Cup participating teams in the store, and installing projectors Instruments, display screens, etc., beer, barbecue, hot pot, etc., to create a strong atmosphere for fans to watch the game. Many fans also gathered together to watch the game, enjoying the delicious food and discussing it lively.

Getting Started Fan Restaurant Fans Are watch the ball.

Reporter’s visit

Businessman opens “World Cup Mode”

November 22 at 18:30 At about 10 minutes, the reporter came to the third space tavern near the intersection of Yuqing East Street and Yuhe Road in the urban area. As soon as he entered the door, he saw the national flags of the World Cup participating teams hanging around the tavern, a banner hanging in the middle, and a wall. There is a monitor hanging on the ceiling, and a dozen fans are sitting at the dining table watching the game between Argentina and Saudi Arabia with great interest.

The third space Tavern fans watching the game.

Although the tavern is small in size, the facilities in the store are very new and the atmosphere is full. The stadium was full of excitement, and the tavern was also full of excitement. The fans were discussing while watching the game. “I still have the feeling of watching the football here, without being restrained.” Mr. Wang, a fan who is watching the football, said.

Then, the reporter came to the entry-level fan restaurant near the intersection of Ronghua Road and Tongyin Street. The national flag, orange seats and tablecloths brighten up the color sense of the restaurant. There are multiple displays on the wall, allowing fans to watch from multiple angles while seated at the dining table.

At about 21:00, the reporter saw in the Niu Yixia Barbecue Expert Store near the intersection of Yongxing Street and Xinhua Road that the display screens hanging in the lobby and in the single room were also showing the game, and the fans were eating While watching the ball, the experience is full.

Voice of the fans

When you get together to watch the football, you will have a sense of atmosphere

Entering the fan restaurant , Several fans sat around a big table. Mr. Wang told the reporter that he is a senior football fan. He usually likes to watch and play football. Before the World Cup came, he made an appointment with many fans to watch the football together. “Fans get together to have a sense of atmosphere. You can’t shout loudly or discuss the game at home. It’s more enjoyable to eat, drink and watch the game together.” Mr. Wang said that his child is still young, and the game is at night. Watching the game will inevitably disturb the rest of the family, so they make an appointment to go out to watch the game, and go home to sleep after watching the game, which will not affect the work of the next day.

Getting Started Fan Restaurant watch the ball.

“My girlfriend and I met while watching football on the court. We are both senior fans and we often go out to watch football together. I heard that there is a tavern here for watching football, so I invited a few fans and friends to watch it. Ball.” Mr. Li and his girlfriend, who were watching the game in the 3rd Space Bistro, ordered craft beer, snacks, etc., and enjoyed the food while watching the game. “This kind of big screen and stereo surround sound sounded, and there were cheers and shouts in the stadium, so I felt like watching the game. I also met many fans and friends. I was very happy.”

Business statement

Provide fans with a space to release themselves

“This is a craft beer and wine prepared for fans in this year’s World Cup The bottle is individually designed.” Li Jinshu, the owner of the 3rd Space Bistro, introduced a green wine bottle. This wine bottle is exquisitely designed, with the eight characters of “Loving football has nothing to do with winning or losing” printed on it.

Because the three children love football, Li Jinshu opened an early childhood education institution for them, and met many fans and parents who love football. “In the past, I would find a theater to watch football with everyone, but the venue was limited. This year, I opened this tavern specially to make it easier for familiar fans and friends to watch the football.” Li Jinshu told reporters, hoping to provide fans and friends with a place to release themselves. viewing space.

Liu Yunqi, the person in charge of the entry-level fan restaurant, told reporters that he is a senior fan. It can be said that this restaurant is specially built for fans. place of stress. The restaurant opens at 17:00 every day, and the business hours are adjusted according to the competition schedule. Sometimes they are busy until 3:00 or 5:00 in the morning of the next day before returning home.

Getting Started Fan Restaurant Fans Are watch the ball.

“We have also arranged game packages, etc. Fans can enjoy delicious food while watching the game, which is very popular.” Liu Yunqi said that he is very busy and tired every day, but he cheers with the fans every day ,very happy.

Weifang Daily All-Media Reporter: Zhang Jing/Wentu