Warm and humid air “last stubbornness”! The wind and rain opened the way and the cold wave “killed”

According to the forecast of the District Meteorological Bureau, a “overlord level” cold wave will arrive tomorrow (November 29), which will not only “suppress” the temperature to freezing point, but also May bring the first snow of the year.

Towards the end of November, Rongcheng is still full of warmth. In the weekend that just passed, warm and humid air is firmly entrenched over Rongcheng. The weather in Rongcheng is warmer and humid today, with temperatures ranging from 10°C to 23°C.

< p>However, with the gradual arrival of the cold air front, the strong cold air will affect the area from north to south tomorrow morning. There will be a significant wind cooling process, and the minimum temperature will drop to 3°C. The 48-hour minimum temperature drop can reach 12-14°C, and the maximum temperature will drop below 10°C throughout the day from the 30th to December 2nd. There will be ice particles or light sleet in some areas around the 30th. By then, Rongcheng may usher in the first snow this year. Before December 5, the weather in this area will be cloudy and rainy.

Meteorological experts remind that this round of cold wave will not only bring severe cooling, strong winds and other weather, but also bring thunder and lightning and sleet, two weather phenomena belonging to two different seasons within two days. The temperature has rapidly “dived” in the middle of the year, and these two days may become the time for winter in the meteorological sense of this year.

Weather forecast for the next few days

November 29th (Tuesday)

Overcast with light rain, 3~15℃

November 30 (Wednesday)

Overcast with occasional light rain or light sleet, 2~6℃

December 1 (Thursday)

Overcast and sometimes light rain, 2~7℃

December 2 ( Friday)

Overcast with light rain turning cloudy, 2~8℃

December 3 (Saturday)

Overcast with light rain, 6~14℃

December 4 (Sunday)

Overcast and sometimes light rain, 10~13 ℃

Text: Yang Shuhan

Photo: Yue Cheng

Editor: Chen Yan Zhang Youming Wang Hongxia