Want to quit drinking when you’re old? Expert: After the age of 50, these 3 wines can be drunk as much as you want, all of which are high-quality pure brews

As the saying goes, leave behind the age of fifty to sixty and pay more attention to your body.

It can be seen that the age of 50 is a watershed for middle-aged people. Before the age of 50, everyone may be consuming their bodies for life, but once they reach the age of 50, the body will send out various “signals” to remind you to take care of yourself.

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Especially at the wine table, people used to like to say “fill it up, have another glass”, but once you enter middle age However, people around me often say “you should drink less at such an age”.

Is it necessary to quit drinking when you get older?

The author thinks it is better to vary from person to person. To be honest, wine has been called “the essence of food” since ancient times, and it is understandable in itself, but the drinkers drink too much, which eventually leads to harm to the body.

If drinking on weekdays can keep your mouth shut, in fact, there is no need to quit drinking. It is not a big deal to drink less than two taels on weekdays, but there is a prerequisite: Only drink pure grain wine.

Because only liquor brewed from pure grains is counted as the essence of grains, the real pure brew without additives, and those flavors blended The alcoholic wine that comes out is easy to drink after drinking, so it’s best not to drink it in one sip.

A connoisseur close to the author even suggested that after the age of 50, people should drink the following three wines when they encounter them. They are all high-quality pure brews. Let’s have a look together.

The first type: Xifeng wine (Fengxiang type)

There are too many good wines in China that don’t know how to promote them. This wine is a “Chinese famous wine”, but it has always been very low-key.

Although there is no advertising marketing all over the sky, its weight in the hearts of drinkers is no less than those “advertising wines”. In the eyes of the older generation of drinkers, this is the real Pure Grain Wine.

This wine belongs to the Fengxiang type baijiu. During the brewing process, the most unique feature is the Jiuhai cellar storage method, which makes the wine taste soft and soft. The mouthfeel is sweet and fruity, and it is very pleasant to drink.

The second item: Jun Zhongyuan’s private collection wine (maotai flavor)

< p>This wine can be regarded as a “rising star” in the soy sauce circle. Although it does not have various honors like Moutai, it has become a rare wine in the local wine circle due to its high cost performance The “ration wine”.

Its brewer, Zeng Chuanzheng, is a disciple of Li Xingfa, the former deputy director of Moutai. Check.

In terms of raw materials, the best alpine glutinous sorghum is used. This kind of sorghum is very rich in tannins. Traditional 12987 process under cooking, the finished wine is much more fragrant than ordinary sorghum wine.

1 year of brewing, 6 years of wine storage, just to let the wine fully age and mature, the finished wine is slightly yellow like amber, with a strong aroma, sip it The sip is mellow and delicate, full of Maoxiang, not to mention, the taste is indeed somewhat similar.

In general, although this wine is not very famous, in terms of quality, it can be regarded as one of the best among sauce wines of the same price. ” known as.

The third item: Songhe Liangye (Long fragrance type)

< p>This wine is an old famous wine produced in Henan Province in the hinterland of the Central Plains. It once carried the glory of Henan Wine.

For Luzhou-flavor wine, the quality of the cellar determines the quality of the liquor to a large extent. This winery adopts the process of solid mud tank fermentation, The wine-making microorganisms in the cellar are preserved to the greatest extent.

There is a significant difference between the final wine and Sichuan-style strong-flavored wine, as the saying goes, One side nourishes the other side >, it is this difference that has attracted a large number of drinking buddies from the Central Plains. Basically, most of the drinking buddies of a certain age have drunk this wine.

The aroma of the entrance cellar is very pure, the wine is smooth and delicate, with a hint of sweetness.

Written at the end, have you ever drank any of the 3 liquors mentioned above? Welcome to add.