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The global epidemic continues to burn. Although Omicron is mostly asymptomatic and mild, it is still necessary to pay attention to the occurrence of long-term new crown symptoms. According to the “Sun” report, a British Long-term symptoms of Covid-19 may become a common disease, research suggests. The study surveyed people infected with the virus in 39 hospitals between March 2020 and April 2021 and assessed 807 people’s recovery at 5 months and 1 year.

The study found that only 29% of people fully recovered, of which women were 33% less likely than men to fully recover. In addition, obese people were more likely to recover. is reduced by half. The results of the study showed that only 26% of those infected with the virus were able to fully recover after five months, rising to 28.9% of those infected after one year.

National Institutes of Health co-director Rachel Evans said the most common long-term symptoms of COVID-19 are: fatigue

muscle pain

poor sleep

Poor fitness


Without an effective treatment, long-term Covid-19 could become a disease, says Christopher Brightling, co-leader of the University of Leicester study Very common new long-term illness.

In the face of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the UK has also fully lifted the lockdown. If people are infected, they can make an appointment for PCR screening by phone. In addition, the government has also There will be no mandatory isolation or screening, and no contact tracing. 60% of the UK population over the age of 12 has completed the third dose of the new crown vaccine. In addition, oral medication is also sufficient and the public is ready Welcome to unblocking.

Also on the road to unblocking is South Korea. The South Korean government lifted social distancing measures. South Korea also ushered in the first weekend after unblocking. The number of new cases dropped to 3,400 on Sunday. Yin and his wife also received the fourth dose of BNT vaccine, hoping to take the lead in improving herd immunity.