Uremia patients are increasing! The doctor advises you: eat less of 4 kinds of food, the kidney will appreciate you

In the eyes of many people, uremia, a disease that seems to be far away from them, should be a disease of the elderly and will not appear in our young people . However, according to an epidemiological survey, the prevalence of chronic kidney disease among adults in my country has reached 10.8%. Among them, the total number of patients with chronic renal failure is estimated to be about 1 million. The end stage of chronic renal failure is “uremia”. uremia patients aged 10-30 account for 40% of the total uremia patients!


Why Uremia will be younger?

01 Holding back

Because the urine carries the body’s metabolic wastes, if these fluids and wastes cannot be excreted in time, the burden on the bladder will increase and even the kidneys will be affected.

02 Stay up late

Research shows that frequent People are twice as likely to develop chronic kidney disease as people who often stay up late.

03 Smoking

Numerous studies have shown that smoking has Significant renal toxicity and increased risk of end-stage renal disease.

04 Alcoholism

According to statistics, drink at least People who drank 7 drinks were 30% more likely to have elevated serum creatinine than those who drank only 1 drink per week or none at all! Increased serum creatinine is a strong signal of renal impairment.

Not all chronic kidney disease progresses to uremia . So, what factors can induce uremia?


Top 5 causes of uremia

01 Nephropathy

Kidney disease causes uremia The main reason is that early kidney disease often accelerates the development of the disease because patients do not pay attention to their living habits.

02 Obesity

Obesity causes many metabolic Diseases such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, etc., can further impair kidney function.

03 Hypertension span>

chronic hypertension in The prevalence of nephropathy is 27.1%. Long-term hypertension will increase the capillary pressure in the glomerulus, cause renal vascular disease, and then lead to impaired renal function.

04 Hyperlipidemia span>

patients with hyperlipidemia The prevalence of chronic kidney disease was 26.8%. Hyperlipidemia can cause renal capillary endothelial damage, and persistent hyperlipidemia can promote and aggravate the process of renal fibrosis.

05 Diabetes

Chronic The prevalence of nephropathy is 50.5%, and the onset of diabetic nephropathy is insidious.After the proteinuria phase, progression to end-stage renal disease is approximately 14 times faster than other renal lesions.

06 high uric acid span>

Long-term in patients with hyperuricemia A large amount of uric acid and its salts are deposited in the kidneys, which can cause kidney damage.

07 Indiscriminate drug use< /span>

is a three-point medicine Most of the drugs need to be excreted by the kidneys, which increases the burden on the kidneys to a certain extent. Doing drugs indiscriminately without following the doctor’s instructions will increase the risk of kidney injury.

If you know that your kidney function is not good, because other When seeing a doctor, you should also emphasize to the doctor that “the kidney function is worse than normal”, and the doctor will be vigilant.

08 Urinary Infection span>

Urinary tract infections and urine Road stones can cause damage to kidney function, leading to renal insufficiency.


Warning signs of kidney disease

Urine problems, edema, back pain, high blood pressure, nausea, etc. These are all warning signs of kidney disease.

01 Abnormal urine test span>

This is the most basic Examination, also called non-invasive examination.

02 Edema

Nephropathy other than lower extremity edema Patients were more likely to have eyelid edema.

03 Back Pain

such as kidney stones, kidney tumors Wait, the patient will have symptoms of back pain.

04 Increased blood pressure< /span>

Sudden rise in blood pressure If it is high or the drug is difficult to control, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the high blood pressure is caused by kidney disease.

05 Indigestion span>

Anorexia, nausea and vomiting Symptoms such as fatigue and weakness may be caused by the inability of the kidneys to excrete toxins and affect the digestive system.

It should be emphasized that kidney disease generally does not There are too many early manifestations, and it is not easy for patients to observe them. When symptoms appear, most of them have already reached a relatively severe stage. Therefore, special emphasis is placed on protecting the kidneys at ordinary times.


4 foods that are ‘uremia’ accelerators< /strong>

01 Salt More food

Normal intake of salt is good for the body. A salty diet will increase the burden on the kidneys.

In addition, salt locks in water in the body, causing Water is not easily excreted, increasing the burden on the kidneys.

02 Crude Protein Foods< /span>

with kidney problems People, especially the elderly, can eat some protamines, such as lean meat, egg whites, etc. Eat less crude protein foods, such as tofu, peanuts and so on. Because crude protein has many impurities, it is not conducive to metabolism.

03 Starfruitspan>

The neurotoxin contained in star fruit is premised on large intake It can cause acute damage to the kidneys, so eat starfruit in moderation.

04 High Purine Foods< /span>

High purine foods are easy Trigger the level of uric acid to rise, and once the excess uric acid is deposited in the kidneys, it is easy to cause kidney damage.

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