Upset stomach? Two flavors of traditional Chinese medicine soaked in water, one supplement, one pass, one liter, and one drop, smooth the gastrointestinal qi

Stomach upset? Two flavors of traditional Chinese medicine soaked in water, one supplement, one pass, one liter, one drop, smoothen the gastrointestinal qi machine

Hi everyone, I am Dr. Jia, if you are always very Fatigue, lack of energy, can sit, never stand, and the hair and face are always oily, looking greasy every day, especially dirty, especially some male friends have particularly big stomachs, fleshy There are a lot of them, and this kind of people also has a characteristic that their tongue looks particularly fat, with a thick and greasy coating, and there are tooth marks on both sides of the tongue, so I will tell you the reason today and teach you how to use it. Soak two traditional Chinese medicines in water, help you adjust!

This situation is considered in traditional Chinese medicine because your body is blocked by phlegm and The stagnation is blocked, mainly because the Qi mechanism in the middle burner is not smooth. The middle burner is our spleen and stomach, and the two functions of the spleen and stomach are to control the qi of clear yang, and the other is to control the qi of pollution. Yes, that is to say, our spleen duct goes up, and the stomach tube goes down. If these two functions are out of balance, it will cause phlegm and dampness. If the body is not smooth, and these phlegm dampness and stagnation accumulate together, the above symptoms will appear.

Then we How to get rid of the phlegm dampness and stagnation in the body to open up the qi mechanism. Next, we will introduce the two traditional Chinese medicines that I will share with you today.

Let’s look at Cangzhu first. Its aroma is dry and enters the Spleen and Stomach Meridian. Nausea and vomiting caused by damp stagnation in the middle energizer, spleen dysfunction, abdominal fullness, loose stools, fatigue and weakness, white and greasy tongue coating, etc.

Let’s look at the chicken dung vine again, what is the function of the chicken dung vine? Its function is one word, because it is a vine medicine, you can see that the vines of the plant are running up and down, winding left and right, as if there is no place it can’t go, so it is said that the chicken dung vine is particularly good at clearing the intestines , eliminate accumulation and stagnation, invigorate the spleen and stomach.

Therefore, Atractylodes atractylodis and Jiyateng, one invigorates the spleen and eliminates dampness, one eliminates stagnation, one supplements the other, one promotes and the other descends. The wheel of the spleen and stomach starts to turn, the qi mechanism of the middle burner is unobstructed, and the phlegm and stagnation are gone. That’s it for today’s sharing, thank you for watching!