Unexplained chest tightness and shortness of breath, death immediately after CT scan (imaging signs are very typical)

Thanks to lilac garden friends @awakening dusk for sharing the case:

Patient: Female, 60 years old.

Complaints: Chest tightness and shortness of breath for more than three days, aggravating by one day.

Brief medical history: The patient developed chest tightness and shortness of breath without obvious incentive three days ago, and the condition gradually worsened. On the day of admission, the patient’s symptoms continued to worsen and could not be improved, and the cough was weak. , No obvious hemoptysis, malignant, vomiting and so on.

Examination: Consciousness, sitting upright, shortness of breath, blood pressure 160/50 mmHg, no cyanosis of lips, palpable subcutaneous emphysema on both chest walls, bilateral Pulmonary breath sounds were low, heart rate 125 beats/min, and abdomen was soft.

The lung CT examination was perfected immediately after admission. Unfortunately, the patient suffered respiratory and cardiac arrest upon returning from the CT examination, and the resuscitation failed and was pronounced dead.