“Tumor Prevention Awareness Week” kitchen fumes are very harmful. How to avoid inhaling oil fumes?

Zhang Jingjing, Second Department of Oncology, Shanxi Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

As the saying goes, “people take food as their heaven”. Food is necessary for our survival, and it is also the foundation of human existence and continuation.

And in the process of cooking food, there is a substance that has a great hidden danger to their health, it is kitchen fume .

People who cook in the kitchen are nearly twice as likely to have lung cancer than those who don’t cook, according to research, and those who want to avoid these If there are hidden dangers, you must pay attention to your cooking habits.

Research It was found that there is a direct relationship between kitchen fumes and the temperature of the oil when cooking.

When the oil is heated to 150℃, the glycerin in it Acrolein, the main component of oil fumes, has a strong pungent taste and is highly irritating to the mucous membranes of the nose, eyes and throat, and can cause rhinitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis and other respiratory diseases;

When the oil burns to “spitting fire”, the oil temperature can reach 350℃. In addition to the production of acrolein, it will also produce condensates, which will not only cause people to have “drunk oil” symptoms, but also cause chronic poisoning and easily induce respiratory and digestive system cancers.

In daily cooking, some people will Turn on the range hood just before cooking, and turn off the range hood just after cooking.

The oil fume has not been completely sucked away, and the human body will suck up a part of the oil fume accordingly, and over time, corresponding lesions will appear. Some people are used to closing windows and relying entirely on range hoods.

How can we avoid inhaling oil fumes in our daily life?

1. Turn on the range hood before preparing to cook, and turn off the range hood after cooking for about 10 minutes;< /span>

2. Be sure to open the windows when cooking, so that the indoor Air circulation;

3. Master the oil when cooking Warm, the recommended oil temperature is about 150 ℃ (about 80% hot);

4. Minimize the way of stir-frying and frying when cooking, and add more cooking methods;

5. It is recommended to drink more water after cooking to excrete toxic substances from the body through water circulation.