Try to buy these 3 kinds of food outside as much as possible, and you will not be “rest assured” if you make them yourself, so hurry up and take a look

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Guide: Try to buy these 3 kinds of food outside as much as possible, and you will not be “rest assured” if you cook them yourself. Take a look!

With the progress and development of society, people’s living standards and quality of life have been improved to a certain extent, and now people only need a little money in their pockets If you do this, you can go directly to the market to buy what you want, whether it is food, drink, use, play, clothing, etc., you can go directly to the market to buy it.

Like the three we shared with you today Food, if you encounter it in the market, you can buy some properly for use. If you cook it at home, you are very worried. Moreover, these three kinds of food can be said to be the most important food for everyone in this world. The season is also relatively common. If you encounter it, you must avoid it a little bit. It is better to buy some by yourself. Don’t do it at home for the sake of saving money or cleaning. If you do it at home, you will be very worried. So, let’s take a look at what these three foods refer to with the editor today.

The first one refers to some wines.

Because now, many friends may think that the wine outside is very expensive, it is not worth it, it is better to have it at home It is relatively simple to do that, but if you brew this kind of wine at home, you may not know the degree of fermentation, and it will make the wine we brew become directly in the fermentation process. A kind of formaldehyde, after we drink it, there will be some very bad effects on the body, so it’s better not to, try not to make wine at home by yourself. Moreover, wine has relatively strict requirements on the environment. If the fermentation is not good, not only will it easily produce formaldehyde, but also a large number of bacteria will appear. Therefore, it is not beneficial to the body. If you want to drink it, you should try it It would be better to buy it outside.

The second refers to fermented bean curd.

When it comes to fermented bean curd, I believe that many friends in rural areas ate the most fermented bean curd made by grandma when they were young , it tastes spicy and delicious, salty and delicious, and it can help us to eat quickly. However, the editor of this fermented bean curd does not recommend that you make it at home, because this fermented bean curd, if you make it at home, may appear A large number of bacteria will not only destroy the nutrients of fermented bean curd itself, but also deteriorate. Therefore, if you want to eat fermented bean curd, you might as well buy it outside, the price is relatively cheap, and it will be more delicious ensure.

The third refers to yogurt.

When it comes to yogurt, I believe it is a dairy product that many young people like to drink now. I think yogurt is very expensive, so I buy a yogurt machine to make it at home. In fact, I try not to make this yogurt at home. During the production process, I have to meet the environmental requirements and prepare the ingredients. , as well as sterilization and fermentation, there are certain strict procedures. If you make it at home, you may not be able to grasp these important factors, and there will be a lot of bacteria. After it is done, you will have diarrhea if you eat it If the condition is serious, it will still appear, and it will have a certain impact on other body organs. Therefore, it is better to buy it outside.

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