Try it out next month! Divide the Putonghua level of elementary and middle school students into 6 levels

Recently, the Ministry of Education and the National Language Work Committee released the “Putonghua Proficiency Test Grade Standard and Test Outline for Primary and Secondary School Students” (Trial Implementation) and “Chinese Radical Radical Table”. The two language standards were developed by the Language Application Research Institute of the Ministry of Education (the Putonghua and Character Application Training and Testing Center of the State Language Commission), and were approved by the Language Standards and Standards Approval Committee of the State Language Commission.

“Primary and Middle School Students Putonghua Proficiency Test Level Standards and Test Outline” was developed on the basis of extensive research and large-scale testing, according to applicability, Communicative and systematic principles, fully drawing on the long-term accumulation of academic achievements and practical experience in Putonghua proficiency testing, strive to adapt to the mental characteristics and academic requirements of primary and middle school students, combine with compulsory education Chinese curriculum standards and teaching practices, and match Putonghua proficiency Test for effective cohesion. The standard divides the Putonghua proficiency of elementary and middle school students into 6 levels, stipulates the test content, scope, test paper composition and scoring standards, etc. The specification will be implemented on a trial basis on December 15, 2022.

“Table of Radicals of Chinese Characters” is a revision of the first edition published in 2009. In accordance with the principles of stability, systematization, and practicability, the revised version focuses on improving the standardization and informatization level of radical application. On the basis of maintaining the original 201 main radicals, it supplements and fine-tunes individual supplementary radicals, and gives some Commonly used radical names and radical information processing international codes. This specification is mainly applicable to the classification and retrieval of Chinese characters in the fields of dictionary compilation and information processing, and can also be used in the teaching and research of Chinese characters. The newly revised “Table of Radicals of Chinese Characters” will come into effect on December 15, 2022.

The release of “Putonghua Proficiency Test Grade Standards and Test Outline for Primary and Secondary School Students” (Trial) and “Table of Radicals of Chinese Characters” is of great help to the soundness of the country The standard system of common language and writing plays an important role in increasing the popularization of the national common language and writing.

Source: Ministry of Education website