To prevent floods in advance, Weicheng District is ready to fight “active battles” to prepare for floods

Law enforcement officers inspect the progress of the reservoir works.

On April 18, at the construction site of the flood control reservoir on Changsong Road, Weicheng District, the staff of the Weicheng District Comprehensive Administration and Law Enforcement Bureau were scheduling the progress of the project and making every effort to speed up the construction to ensure quality and quantity before the rainy season. Completed reservoir construction.

In order to alleviate the problem of water accumulation under the railway bridge of Changsong Road, Weicheng District has built a storage tank and a pump station on the west side of Changsong Road. The pump station is equipped with 2 pumps, the flow rate of a single pump can reach 900 cubic meters per hour, equipped with intelligent operating system, remote control, automatic start and stop, automatic alarm, the flood season can greatly alleviate the problem of water accumulation at the bottom of the railway bridge, convenient Return to traffic as soon as possible after the rain.

Law enforcement officers inspect flood control works.

As the epidemic situation in Weicheng District has been effectively controlled, and on the premise of strictly implementing “foreign defense against importation and internal defense against rebound”, the Weicheng District Comprehensive Administration and Law Enforcement Bureau follows the “one-handed approach to normalized epidemic prevention and control”. Work, and do a good job in the work mode of orderly resumption of work and production for people’s livelihood projects”, and further accelerate the pace of advancement of relevant livelihood projects.

Li Guoqiang, deputy director of the Municipal Public Utilities Service Center of the Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau of Weicheng District, introduced that due to the impact of epidemic prevention and control, the construction of the project was suspended for a period of time. After the resumption of work, in order to further speed up the work process, they adhered to the problem orientation, planned and deployed in advance, actively coordinated and dispatched relevant construction companies, and while implementing the epidemic prevention and control work, they dispatched additional personnel and worked overtime to ensure the reservoir construction project. Completed and put into use on time.

Law enforcement officers inspect flood control equipment.

Li Guoqiang introduced that they have further improved various flood control emergency plans, strengthened the construction of emergency response teams, done a good job in the reserve of various flood control materials, and increased the normalization of hidden dangers in key areas. Do all the preparations before the flood season.

Up to now, more than 20 safety hazards (problems) of various types have been investigated, and all rectifications have been put in place. Reserve 2 mobile pump trucks, 2 sets of three-phase submersible sewage pumps, 2 lighting equipment, 50 life jackets, 36 life buoys, 60 shovels, 20 iron picks, 47 raincoats, 78 pairs of rain boots, 35 umbrellas, water depth There are 4 pairs of warning signs, and a 24-hour emergency duty system has been established to go all out to effectively respond to the next flood season and ensure the safety of the flood season.