Tianmei in Hunan is “poor of words”, do you have a copy to match?

[Source: Red Net]

Changsha oranges photographed by netizen “Little Whale” Chau sunset.

The blue sky and white clouds taken by netizen “Jiu’er” in Lanshan County, Yongzhou.

The beautiful scenery taken by netizen “Quan Zhibing” in Yunbing Mountain.

Red Net Moment News, August 8th (reporter Zhang Xingsha Liu Zhixiong) “The circle of friends has opened a sky-bathing contest, and this comic cloud I took is beautiful.” “Look Sunrise is addictive.” “Look at the sky at dawn and look at the clouds at dusk~” In recent days, has everyone’s circle of friends been swiped by all kinds of beautiful photos of the Hunan sky, from sunset to dusk, from white clouds to sunset, it’s so beautiful that I can’t say anything .

A friend of netizens basking in the sky Circle screenshot.

Yesterday was the beginning of autumn, and the weather in Hunan showed no trend of cooling down, and the sky was clear every day.

Although the weather is hot, netizens who love life can always find the beauty around them. If you take a photo of the sky, it will be a blockbuster. The lovely clouds are imagined as various patterns, and the red sunset atmosphere is full of sense. , the variety of copywriting is dazzling. How can the circle of friends who are swiped by Hunan Sky can only be described with the word “beauty”.

Screenshot of friends circle .

Next, follow the reporters of the Red Net Moment to enjoy the beautiful blockbusters of the sky taken by netizens, and see which one suits you the most!

The sunrise shot by netizen “Mu Ru Qingfeng” in Yingzhu Mountain, Changsha County.

The beautiful scenery outside the window taken by netizen “Jiu’er” on the Hunan Expressway.

The blue sky and clear water taken by netizen “Xiao Zou” at Maojun Reservoir in Yongzhou.

Close-up of clouds taken by netizen “Little Whale”.

Changsha street photographed by netizen “He Wanting” on his way off work.

Netizen “Little Blueberry” shot the sunset movie in Xiangtan.

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