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Yesterday, Ascott Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CapitaLand, a world-renowned service apartment and hotel owner and accommodation operator, (hereinafter referred to as “Ascott”)Its property——Chengdu Ascott Qinhuang The wonderful opening of the service apartment. With the theme of “Yunqi Tianfu·Dream Enjoying Taoyuan”, with “cloud” as the main line, the curtain opening ceremony was held at the Yunxiang Restaurant and the outdoor sky terrace at the high altitude of the central business district of Qinhuang Temple in Tianfu New District. Mr. Zhang Qinglin, Deputy General Manager of China Overseas Development Chengdu Super Tower Co., Ltd., Mr. Chen Bo, Assistant General Manager of China Overseas Commercial Development Co., Ltd., Ms. Li Hong, Vice President of Sales and Channels of Ascott China and General Manager of Ascott Central and Western Region, the opening of China Li Haijun, Director of Operations and many other leaders attended the event and cut the ribbon for the project, exploring the peach blossoms in the sea of ​​clouds together, and building the pinnacle of the local industry.

Ascott Serviced Apartments is one of the earliest brands owned by the group, and the world’s first property opened in Singapore in 1984. The Chengdu Ascott Qinhuang serviced apartment opened this time is the second Ascott serviced apartment brand property in Rongluozi after Ascott entered the western region of China in 2010. Another international luxury service apartment jointly created by the Pavilion and China Overseas Commercial. At present, in Chengdu, a core city in southwestern China, Ascott has six serviced apartments and hotels in operation, covering the three main brands of Ascott, Citadines, and Somerset, covering Wuhou District, Gaoxin District, and the three core business segments of Tianfu New District. The opening of Chengdu Ascott Qinhuang Service Apartment provides another extraordinary and distinguished international business travel accommodation choice for elites from all over the world who come to Chengdu.

The core location of Qinhuangsi Central Business District

Chengdu, which is developing towards the world, is at a key node in the Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle. It has ranked first in the list of “new first-tier cities” for many years; at the same time, the pace of Chengdu’s “Southern Expansion” has focused on reaching the first park city-Tianfu New District. Chengdu Ascott Qinhuang Service Apartment is located in the central business district of Qinhuang Temple in Tianfu New District, where high-end talents, financial and industrial resources are gathered; the apartment is close to the Western International Expo City, surrounded by Tianfu Park and the Luxi River Ecological District, and the natural environment superior. The surrounding transportation is convenient. You can walk about 50m to Tianfu Business District Station of Metro Line 6, and walk about 900m to Xibocheng Station of Metro Line 1, allowing you to easily explore the unique charm of the Land of Abundance.

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Luxury Suite

The brand concept of “extraordinary, noble, classic and eternal” also runs through the design of the whole building. The public facilities of the apartment are complete, which can meet your work and entertainment needs. Multifunctional meeting Room, high-speed wireless network and business center services can flexibly meet the needs of various small meetings, making business activities easier and more convenient; gymnasium, indoor heated swimming pool, outdoor hydromassage swimming pool, audio-visual room, children’s playroom, so that residents After work, rejuvenate your body and mind, and enjoy the comfort and comfort of high-quality life. Whether it is a long-term stay or a short-distance business trip, you can get a living experience that exceeds expectations here.


Kids Playroom

Dream Enjoying Taoyuan

Open cloud food experience

Chengdu Ascott Qinhuang Service Apartment has two catering facilities – Yunxiang Restaurant and Yunqi 29 bars are all located on the 29th floor of the apartment building. The high-altitude suspension design and unique huge floor-to-ceiling glass windows present diners with a different view of the city skyline. Taking “Peach Blossom Land on the Cloud” as the main line, the leisurely and warm urban temperament of Sichuan is integrated into the design inspiration, so that the majority of diners are in the high altitude of the park city and explore the cloud dining experience.

Cloud Share Restaurant is A charming all-day restaurant with a view. The restaurant takes Chengdu ancient town, teahouse theater and other urban memories full of Sichuan and Chongqing characteristics as the source of design, extracts different charming elements, and decorates everywhere in the restaurant. The restaurant is light and transparent, with low-key and fashionable decoration colors and soft green furniture, creating a comfortable dining feeling in the natural “forest”. Whether it is a classic buffet, a cocktail party, or a business dinner, the restaurant’s carefully selected fresh ingredients and the chef’s authentic craftsmanship satisfy the discerning taste buds of diners.

Cloud Share Restaurant

< p data-track="30">The skyline terrace bar not far from the restaurant – Yunqi 29 bar, where the traditional rusticity and fashionable metal texture collide with the spark of art. The bar decorated with exquisite vegetation such as peach trees, crabapple, and Japanese maple has a wide view, and blends with the outdoor swimming pool on one side, forming a unique atmosphere under the reflection of lights. In the evening, enjoy a light drink at the bar, as if you are in the wonderful world of Peach Blossom Land; you can easily overlook the unique scenery of the new park city and enjoy the aesthetic charm of Tianfu New District.

Yunqi 29 Bar

Limited Time Offer

Running to the charm of Sichuan and Sichuan

Ascott Qinhuang Service Apartment Chengdu has launched a limited-time offer for opening, please inquire at the front desk of the apartment for details. At the same time, through the Ascott Global Member Loyalty Program – the exclusive channel of Ascott Club members, you can easily earn points, upgrade your membership level and unlock more benefits by booking and staying in Chengdu Ascott Qinhuang Serviced Apartments. Set off immediately, and go on a charming trip to Sichuan and Shu with your relatives, friends, and business travel partners.