Thought it was getting angry, but it turned out to be cancer? I hope you don’t take any of these red flags

As soon as the show started last night, we saw two completely different kidneys: one is a normal kidney with a smooth and red surface, about 10cm long; the other is a simulated kidney The kidney of a patient with advanced kidney cancer has an uneven surface and is 15cm long.

The tumor has grown to such a large size, could it be Are there no clues? In fact, it is not the case, but the patient mistakenly regards it as getting angry, which delays the timing of treatment.

case< /span>

44-year-old Mr. Kidney cancer was detected at the end of the month, and the tumor was about 11cm in size. The doctor said that it was basically in the middle and late stage, and it had begun to show signs of spreading.

But before that, he didn’t have any obvious discomfort in his body, but once his urine turned pink, he thought it was caused by drinking too little water and getting angry, but he didn’t attention. But the doctor said that the abnormal urine this time was a sign of kidney cancer.

Later, the doctor surgically removed Mr. Deng’s left kidney and part of his adrenal gland, which allowed him to get rid of the shadow of kidney cancer.

So, what is the difference between “heat urine” and “kidney cancer urine”? What are the common kidney injury traps in life?

“Expert in this issue”

1. Don’t treat kidney cancer as a fire

Be wary of this kind of urine

Under normal circumstances, the color of urine is light yellow, which is very clean under the microscope; however, Mr. Deng’s pink urine is actually hematuria, which can be seen under the microscope Seeing a lot of red blood cells is an “early warning sign” of kidney cancer.

1. Hematuria may be the “early warning signal” of kidney cancer

< p data-track="29">On the one hand, breakage of blood vessels on the surface of the tumor will cause bleeding, resulting in hematuria.

On the other hand, the work of the kidney is done by countless glomeruli, which can treat the blood Filter to keep the useful ones (such as nutrients, red blood cells, etc.) and discharge the useless ones (such as uric acid, metabolic waste, etc.). If the tumor invades the glomerulus, the filtering function is damaged, and the red blood cells can enter the urine, forming hematuria.

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2. How to distinguish between “heat urine” and “kidney cancer urine”

Hematuria is divided into two types: gross hematuria and microscopic hematuria. That is to say, sometimes, hematuria It may not be obvious, and it is easy to be mistaken for getting angry. How to distinguish between the two?

◎ “Shanghuo urine”:Shanghuo is a concept in traditional Chinese medicine. “Shanghuo urine” is often dark yellow in color and often accompanied by painful urination.

◎”kidney cancer urine”:maroon, like soy sauce or coffee color; or The color is relatively normal but there are many red blood cells in the urine. And “kidney cancer urine” is often painless and intermittent.

3. Self-test whether there is hematuria< /span>

If you cannot judge the presence of hematuria by color, you can also use test strips to test, which can be done at home.

【Method】 Keep the urine and let it stand for 5~10 minutes. Then dip the test paper into the urine for 2 seconds, then let the test paper stand for 60-90 seconds, and compare it with the color chart.

【Result】 If the result displayed on the test strip is within 1 plus No. or above, it means that there is occult blood in urine, and you need to seek medical treatment in time.

2. Excessive uric acid is harmful to the kidneys

These “masters” of raising uric acid advise you to eat less

According to According to the latest research data from The Lancet, chronic kidney disease patients in China have reached 132 million, and the prevalence rate is as high as 10.8%< /strong>. In other words, 1 out of 10 people may suffer from chronic kidney disease.

Once the kidney is damaged, it is irreversible, so it is very important to protect the kidney.

1. Uric acid level is closely related to kidney health

In our blood, there is a value that is closely related to the health of the kidneys. For every increase of 59.5umol/L, the risk of kidney disease increases 71% increase. This value is the uric acid level.

Under normal circumstances, the uric acid level of male should be 210~420umol/L; Female Before menopause, it is 150~360umol/L, and after menopause, it is the same as that of men.

When the uric acid level is too high, it will increase the risk of uric acid stones, urinary tract infection risk.

2. Meat, beans, vegetables and fruits are the “champions” for raising uric acid

Elevated uric acid is related to metabolic disorders on the one hand, and to improper diet on the other. Then, Common offal, meat, beans, fruits and vegetables, etc., which one is more likely to increase uric acid?


Before the recording of the program, Youyou, Dr. Lin, Dr. Jin and three volunteers tested their fasting uric acid levels respectively. Then they ate 300 grams of meat, offal, beans, Fruit juices, mushrooms, vegetables. Measure the uric acid value again after three hours to judge the influence of different foods on uric acid. The results are as follows:

  • After eating offal, uric acid increased by 74umol/L;
  • After eating meat, uric acid increased by 42umol/L;
  • After eating beans, uric acid increased by 4umol/L;
  • After eating mushrooms, uric acid decreased by 11umol/L;
  • After eating green vegetables, uric acid decreased by 12umol/L;
  • After drinking fruit juice, uric acid increased by 203umol/L.

Visible , in this experiment, the “champion” of increasing uric acid turned out to bejuice, followed by internal organs, meat, and mushrooms, Although beans, etc. have high purine content, their ability to increase uric acid is not strong, and even the uric acid level has decreased. What is going on?

①Juice is rich in fructose , hinder the excretion of uric acid Oranges (1800g) only squeeze out a glass of 500ml orange juice.

The fructose content of 100g oranges is 1.5g, and the fructose content of 1800g oranges is as high as 27g. Fructose is an analogue of uric acid, which will affect the excretion of uric acid, resulting in an abnormal increase in uric acid.

Generally, the fructose intake of normal people should be No more than 30~40g, and a glass of orange juice will soon exceed the standard. Therefore, it is recommended that you drink less fruit juice and eat fruit directly, which is healthier.

②Visceral purine high, Increase uric acid production

After eating, the food will go through the tricarboxylic acid cycle in the body and be converted into heat. And Visceral purine content is high, in this process it will metabolize and produce a large amount of uric acid.

Experts said that normal people need 1 day or so to completely metabolize uric acid. For people with problems with uric acid metabolism, it may take 4 days. Therefore, you should pay attention to controlling the amount of boiled, etc., and it should not exceed 200~300g at a time, and don’t drink soup, because purine is soluble in water.

③Beans and mushrooms are high in purine, but have little effect on uric acid

Purines in beans and mushrooms are also high, generally 50~100mg/100g, many people dare not eat them. But they are plant food, the transition period of the tricarboxylic acid cycle is relatively long, and the intermediate loss is relatively large, so its effect on uric acid is relatively small, and some people even Not rising but falling.

However, it should be noted that from the perspective of controlling uric acid levels, dried food has a stronger ability to generate uric acid, so it is more recommended to eat fresh Beans, mushrooms. It can also be blanched to remove some purines.

< span>3. A glass of “fairy water” to help lower uric acid

If uric acid rises, there are What method can help lower it? Might as well try “fairy water”.

Experiment< /span>

Two volunteers first measured their uric acid as 0.48mmol/L, 0.44mmol/L. Then, under the condition of maintaining normal diet and work and rest, he drank 2000ml of “fairy water” in one day, and the fasting uric acid levels measured in the next morning were 0.46mmol/L and 0.4mmol/L respectively.

It can be seen that “fairy water” can really help lower uric acid. So what exactly is it? What are the requirements for making and drinking? Click the video below to find out~

3. Sitting for a long time can easily cause “invisible holding back of urine”

Increased risk of kidney failure

Nowadays, more and more people become ” Sedentary people”, and this bad habit may hide the threat of kidney damage.

1. Sitting for a long time may lead to “invisible holding of urine”

When standing, the abdominal muscles are tense and the abdominal pressure is strong. Generally speaking, 200ml of urine will produce the urge to urinate. But when sitting, the abdominal muscles are relaxed and the abdominal pressure is small. It may take 300 or even 500ml of urine to produce the urge to urinate, making you hold back the urine unconsciously.

2. Hold back urine, hiding the threat of renal failure

When holding back urine, the bladder capacity is too large , will become decompensated, that is, the muscles of the bladder will lose tension and become very loose.

As urine increases, ureteral reflux will form, urine Reflux into the kidneys can cause hydronephrosis, decreased renal function, renal failure, etc. Moreover, the bacteria in the urine will flow back into the kidneys, causing secondary infection.

In addition, if the bladder is overfilled, it will still It may cause bladder rupture, causing massive bleeding, etc. Therefore, it is recommended that you reduce sitting for long periods of time, and develop < strong>The habit of actively urinating.