This thing is “wrinkle favorite” and is regarded as “delicious” by many people, no wonder the skin is dull and old

Speaking of wrinkles, many people don’t like it. This is because any beautiful face has wrinkles, then the beautiful face will no longer be beautiful, and the skin will become loose and inflexible.

Xiao Nan, a kindergarten teacher, is a little girl who is clearly in her 20s, but she looks like a person in her 30s, especially with a particularly obvious forehead pattern, as if she is telling the ruthlessness of the years, but she is only in her 20s People, these beautiful years have just begun, why is it linked to aging?

In fact, aging is not just the culprit of the years. Another part is caused by various bad habits and eating habits in life. These habits will directly accelerate the loss of collagen, causing the skin to become more slack and inflexible, and wrinkles will become more obvious. It will look more old-fashioned. Especially the eating habits, eating is to eat every day, this point should be paid more attention.

This thing is “wrinkle favorite” and is regarded as “delicious” by many people, no wonder the skin is dull and old

This is milk tea, which has been The very popular “first cup of milk tea in autumn” really made milk tea popular, but milk tea is actually quite harmful to the skin. It is a high-sugar food, and it is easy to get Making the skin dry and rough will also reduce the activity of collagen. In addition, the additives contained in milk tea will damage the activity of skin cells.

In addition to milk tea, it is best to avoid 2 beverages for beautiful skin


many People call cola “happy fat water”, and it will make you happy after drinking it, but cola is a carbonated drink, which will not only damage skin cells, but also cause skin pigmentation, dry and rough skin, dark yellow and no luster, and often Drinking it can also hurt the intestines. It is corrosive, although it is small, but long-term drinking is also very harmful. It will directly corrode the teeth, make the teeth darker and yellower, and directly affect the appearance of the teeth.


The favorite of many office workers is coffee. Coffee can refresh their minds. It is an exciting drink. Many people are sleepy and lack energy. It, but coffee will keep the brain in a state of excitement, and affect the metabolism of the body and the skin at the same time, resulting in slow skin cell renewal and metabolism, destruction of the skin base, loss of collagen, and coffee also has melanin, long-term drinking will cause skin to change. It was dark and colorless.