This is Jining|One-stop “fix” for marriage and childbirth relocation, the joint office of “marriage and childbearing households” is really worry-free

Reporter Chu Siyu

“The joint office of ‘marriage and childcare’ has saved us a lot of time in many departments and saved a lot of time. It is really convenient. “Recently, at the marriage registration window of the Jinxiang County Service Center for the People, the newlywed couple Mr. Xu and Ms. Ma submitted applications for change of marital status registration items, transfer of husband and wife residence registration and birth registration while registering their marriage. After completing the information registration, the two praised the working mode of the joint office.

” From now on, newcomers only need to run once, and they can complete four things, and the joint handling of the “marriage and childcare” matter has effectively improved the efficiency of the masses.” Han Wei, chief of the Marriage Registration Section of the Civil Affairs Bureau of Jinxiang County, introduced. Since November 11, the Civil Affairs Department of Shandong Province, the Provincial Public Security Department, and the Provincial Health Commission relied on the marriage registration management information system to jointly create an integrated service scene for the theme of “marriage and childbearing households”, realizing “multiple information travel, mass Less running errands”, so that the masses save time, effort and worry. “The concept of ‘marriage and childbearing household’ means that when a married party handles marriage registration, through the marriage-birth-hukou joint service, they can simultaneously apply for changing the registration item of ‘marriage status’ on the household registration book, apply for the transfer of the couple’s residence registration and For the three birth registration matters, the civil affairs department collects the application on its behalf, and pushes them to the relevant public security and health departments for processing.”

Only enter one door, only run through one window, and complete multiple things, The joint office of “marriage and childbearing households” not only ran out of speed but also out of temperature. Han Wei said that since the official launch of the joint platform for “marriage and childbearing households”, the County Marriage Registry Office has given full play to the role of window staff in face-to-face communication with the masses, and carefully explained the “marriage and childbearing households” joint event for each couple. The significance of the operation, guide the masses to choose more convenient joint affairs, improve the satisfaction of the masses, make the policy practical and needy, and improve the satisfaction of the masses.

Currently, Jinxiang County Marriage Registration Office has handled more than 60 joint matters of “marriage and childbearing households”. Multiple implementations run once.