Invite guests to drink, regardless of whether you have money or not, remember not to bring these 3 kinds of wine to the table, and spending wrong money will hurt your feelings

In our daily work, we will inevitably encounter times when we ask for help and thank others, and we usually invite guests to drink to express our inner wishes.

And being able to produce a good wine can often make others feel valued, but now the liquor market is mixed with good and bad people, all of them Some alcoholic wines that are gorgeously packaged to attract attention, not to mention the cost, the point is that after drinking, the headache is splitting, which brings a lot of burden to the body.

So when you invite guests to drink again, no matter whether you have money or not, these three kinds of wine must not be brought to the table, because they are all big players in alcohol blending, which not only wastes money but also hurts feelings.

The first type: local tyrant “Jinbo Wine”

With liquor In addition, many people are very concerned about saving face, so in order to cater to the vanity of many drinkers, merchants specially launched wine with “gold leaf” in it.

The so-called Jinbo wine is a kind of liquor made by adding some gold leaf to the liquor. This kind of liquor often adopts a transparent bottle body for visual impact. The golden light is very attractive, but in the eyes of connoisseurs, this kind of wine is worthless, basically it is made by blending alcohol and wine.

And the country does not allow gold leaf to be added to the wine. If you take out this kind of wine with gold mottled, the guests will think that you can show off, and it is easy to leave a bad impression on others .

Second Type: Scanning Wine

This kind The wine usually has gorgeous packaging, and there is a QR code on the bottle to “scan” to check the price. I couldn’t help but scan the price directly at 999 out of curiosity, but it’s actually an alcoholic drink that’s less than tens of yuan.

Customers are not fools. Good wine is determined not by the price, but by the quality of the wine. Just like Moutai, they don’t need to mark the price. Everyone knows that it is a good wine. So good wine is naturally good, put the price on the bottle, as if your wine is a little “guilty”.

The third type: high imitation old wine

Since the sauce wine craze hit, old wine has become the love of many drinkers,What kind of long-haired wine, old wine buried in the ground for decades, and fake old wine are all called old wine, but in fact the bottles are filled with alcoholic wine.


And the price of this kind of wine is also very low, which often gives you the illusion of taking advantage, mistakenly thinking that you have earned it. If you think about it carefully, can you buy real old wine for more than ten yuan? So no matter whether you drink it normally or treat guests, don’t touch this kind of wine.

So when treating guests to a drink, if the economic conditions permit, of course “Mao Wujian” is the first choice. In addition, there are many cheap and good wines, choose some with better reputation Baijiu, such as the two liquors below, is not expensive and has become very popular recently.

Fengyun Sauce Father Seal

It is called “Little Moutai” by drinkers, a Daqu Kunsha sauce wine produced in Guizhou.

The brewer, Li Changshou, is the son and heir of Former Moutai factory director Li Xingfa. The brewing process is the traditional “12987” process, using red sorghum as raw material.

It is worth mentioning Interestingly, in addition to discovering the Three Typical Styles of Sauce-Flavored Wine, Li Xingfa also improved the brewing process of Moutai, which greatly improved the quality and output of Moutai. Therefore, Li Xingfa is known as “Father of Sauce and Wine”, and also enjoys special allowances.

Later, Li Changshou followed his father’s instructions Strict requirements, the new wine is cellared for 5 years, and blended with 12-year old wine, which significantly improves the taste of the wine.

When you open the bottle, you can smell the rich aroma of sauce. The entrance is delicate and mellow. After careful tasting, there are also the burnt aroma of grain and the unique aroma of old wine. The aftertaste is long. After drinking, I want to drink a few more glasses.


This wine is a sauce-flavored liquor that has been developed after decades of hard work. All netizens are amazed by it.


In the beginning, in response to the call of the 10,000-ton Moutai, dozens of Moutai’s technical backbones set up another winery to start brewing. After several years, they finally obtained it in 1985 The high evaluation of “treasures in wine”, the name of rare wine was born since then.

This wine has a strong sauce aroma, with a slight burnt aroma and the aroma of flowers and fruits. The taste is thin and clean, without irritation, and it is smooth and comfortable when swallowed.

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