This forum held at No. 305 Wuyi Road this afternoon is full of sense of technology!

Today (November 28) afternoon, the 2022 “Technology Wuyi Lights Up Life” theme forum was held at No. 305 Wuyi Road. Deputy District Chief Lu Wanqing attended and delivered a speech. Representatives of technology companies in the region, experts and scholars in the field of urban renewal in Shanghai and industry leaders participated in the forum.

< span>As “Wutong Street” such as Wuyi Road, Dingxi Road, and Yuyuan Road has gradually become a “hot spot for scientific and technological innovation” with development potential, Changning is actively planning to build this area into a “Shanghai Silicon Alley” scientific and technological innovation block. At the beginning of planning, Hongqiao, Changning District, Zhongshan Park Regional Functional Development Office and Huayang Road Sub-district jointly hosted the 2022 “Science and Technology Wuyi Lights up Life” theme forum, with “Technology Improving Life” as the core, exploring industrial development and urban renewal An effective way to promote each other and discuss how to make people’s lives better.
The event is supported by Changning District Science and Technology Commission, Jiangsu Road Sub-district, Donghua University School of Fashion and Art Design, Shanghai Xintai High-tech It is co-organized by the Technology Research and Development Foundation, Shanghai Zhongkexin Micro Information Technology Park Co., Ltd., and Changning District Social Fun and Innovation Center.
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Lu Wanqing said in his speech that during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, Changning District clarified the goal of “four strengths and four cities” construction, which cannot be separated from Urban renewal and technological innovation. This event is a window for Wuyi Road’s urban renewal results to be tested by citizens and the market, and it is also a good opportunity for the market and citizens to understand and participate in Wuyi Road’s urban renewal. Starting with this event, I hope that in the future, Wuyi Road, Yuyuan Road, Dingxi Road, and Xinhua Road in the eastern urban area of ​​Changning, where the city is located, will be able to use historical features as the background, urban renewal as the carrier, and technological innovation as the content to build a city for the citizens. A new picture of a beautiful digital life, realizing the harmonious co-prosperity of industry, city, people and culture.

< section>On the forum, many guests shared and exchanged topics such as “science and technology make the beauty of life”, “unmanned driving imagination”, “metaverse brings inspiration into reality”.
Introduced by Ding Wan, a senior expert and manager of Bosch Central Research Institute, “sustainable development”, “digitalization”, “robots” and “artificial “Intelligence” is closely related to every individual, and the technological scene is constantly penetrating, integrating and affecting people’s daily life.
Xijing Technology Chief Operating Officer Zhang Rong believes that in today’s rapid development of industrial intelligent manufacturing, traditional industries can be empowered through new technologies , can create huge industrial value, add color to urban life, and citizens can also enjoy the dividends brought by artificial intelligence.
Shanghai Guanchi Creative Technology Director Hao Zhenhua said that Metaverse is gradually meeting the needs of different people for life scenes. , Advanced display methods will attract more and more young people to gather, and people can interact, communicate and learn in the “digital world”.

In the roundtable forum session, everyone focused on the theme of “Bold Innovation in Science and Technology Blocks” and discussed “how to integrate new industries and urban renewal, Combining technological products with people’s lives” for discussion.
Functional expansion of Hongqiao and Zhongshan Park in Changning District Shen Qunhui, director of the office, said that the rapid development of science and technology and the continuous renewal of cities are all aimed at “making people’s lives better”, and it is very necessary for technological products to enter people’s lives.
Liu Yupeng, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Director of the Office of Huayang Road Street, Changning District, said that Changning has formed a cluster of high-tech industries. With the establishment of “Jingya Wuyi” as the starting point, linking upstream and downstream enterprises and continuously transforming scientific and technological achievements will be an important way to improve people’s happiness.
Yan Han, executive vice president of Shanghai Industrial Transformation and Development Research Institute, said that this is an era of scrambling for talents, and the development of science and innovation will attract talents and inject fresh blood into the neighborhood. More and more innovative young people It will stimulate the vitality of the neighborhood and change the lifestyle at the doorstep.
K. Wah Group Shanghai Jiaxi Real Estate Development and Operation Co., Ltd. project Huang Shengzhou, the person in charge, said that K. Wah Group is starting to inject scientific and technological power into the construction of the “Feile Factory Land”, a key urban renewal project on Wuyi Road, which will bring a new experience to the settled enterprises and visiting residents.< /section>

Ren Jia, chairman of Zhongkexin Micro Information Technology Park, said that investing advanced technology in urban management and social governance and empowering citizens for a better life will be the key to the development of science and technology The goal to be fully realized is also an urgent problem to be solved in the process of building a technological innovation block.

The reporter learned from the District Hongqiao Office that in addition to the theme forum of “full of dry goods”, citizens can also enter the theme exhibition on the first floor of No. 305 Wuyi Road to truly experience “technology lights up life” “. The intelligent temperature-changing plastic corrective clothing from the School of Fashion and Art Design of Donghua University, the “AI Magic Mirror” from Shenlan Technology, the robot coffee kiosk from Helium Technology… More than 10 technological products will continue to be exhibited until 11 January 29.

Currently, the urban renewal project of Wuyi Road is still progressing steadily. The completed and open Wuyi Road 333 Park, Wuyi∣MIX320, the ongoing “New Quadrant Wuyi”, WYSH Feiyue Lane, and the Shanghai Dermatology Hospital site project at No. 200 Wuyi Road to be updated have all introduced or will soon introduce Creative and cultural and creative industries contribute to building a more creative neighborhood. Urban renewal actions provide a space carrier for industrial optimization and adjustment. In the future, industrial agglomeration will in turn inject new kinetic energy into urban renewal.

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Text/Picture: Li Songnan
Editor: Li Bingqian

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