These things may induce leukemia!

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The cause of leukemia is not yet clear. , but it is known that the following factors have a lot to do with leukemia.

2.Drug p> In clinical practice, especially the chemical drugs used to treat cancer can cause leukemia. “Ethylmorpholine” used to treat psoriasis, a drug that has been shown to cause leukemia, has now been phased out. Chloro(co)mycincan cause leukemia and aplastic anemia, and is currently being phased out. In addition, there are also some fever-reducing drugs, sulfonamides, etc., which also have considerable health risks.

3. Bad living habits

Bad living habits: Eating bacon dishes containing carcinogens for a long time may lead to leukemia. People who frequently dye their hair can also lead to leukemia, especially if the number of hair dyes is high.

4.Other reasons

< /p>Special viral infections such as ionizing radiation, radiation therapy, human leukemia virus (HTLV) infection, organophosphorus, and certain blood diseases are all causes of leukemia. But such proportions are not large.

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