These bad habits can easily lead to children being “overwhelmed”, and the correction effect in these three time periods is better

Nowadays, the health and beauty of the baby’s teeth has become more and more important to parents. Recently, many mothers have inquired about the best time to straighten their baby’s teeth. Today we will specifically address this issue.

What is “land wrapping”

The normal occlusion of the teeth is that the upper teeth cover the lower teeth, but the opposite is true for the “earth of the earth”, the occlusion of the teeth becomes the lower teeth covering the upper teeth. This phenomenon is also commonly referred to as “toothed children“, scientifically called cross-bite teeth.

This is a common malocclusion of teeth.

What’s the impact of “earth and sky”

This dental problem first affects the facial contours. Everyone often hears the word “side face killing”, as the name suggests, it means that a person’s side profile is three-dimensional. For people with “earth-covered” teeth, because the upper jaw is concave, the profile of the face is shaped like a crescent moon, which greatly reduces the three-dimensional beauty of the facial contour.

In addition to affecting facial contours, crossbite can also cause some teeth to interfere with eating, making it easier to chew with only one tooth, or partial teeth Abrasion, trauma, and even slurred speech.

Why does the “land wraps the sky” appear

This is usually caused by a number of reasons:

1. Wrong feeding position

If the mother holds the bottle too high while feeding, the baby will have to stretch his lower jaw to get the milk. Over time, the lower jaw will protrude more than the upper jaw, causing the teeth to “ground” package day”. So try not to force your baby to stretch his chin forward to suck while feeding.

2. Genetic factors

If one of the baby’s father and mother has “earth-covered” teeth, then the baby is more likely to be inherited. Therefore, parents should pay more attention to their children’s teeth and insist on regularly taking their children for dental checkups.

3. Bad oral habits in babies

Bad oral habits are also the main culprit in causing “overwhelming”. For example, some babies still can’t give up the habit of hand-eating when they are three or four years old, and some babies like biting their lips. These two actions will cause the mandible to protrude forward. Over time, the mandible cannot return to its original normal position, resulting in underdevelopment of the maxilla and the formation of crossbite.

Many parents like to cut the fruit into small pieces and boil the food soft and rotten for their children to eat. In this way, it is easy to cause the baby’s fangs to not be fully used, and the child’s mandible will not consciously stretch forward when eating, which will also lead to “overwhelming the sky” over time. That’s one of the reasons many dentists recommend letting kids chew on fruit.

4. Chronic Respiratory Diseases

You may not know, chronic tonsillitis, adenoid hypertrophy or hyperplasia and other chronic respiratory diseases >, is also the culprit that leads to cross-bite teeth. In order to keep breathing smoothly, the child’s tongue extends forward, and at the same time drives the lower jaw forward, causing the teeth to “cover the sky”.

The best treatment time for “earth and sky”

First of all, we have to reach a consensus, that is, “the earth and the sky” need treatment.

So when is the best time for treatment?

Naturally, once detected, it should be treated and intervened in time. The specific treatment methods vary according to the age of the baby.

4-4.5 years old

Babies at this age have been able to communicate well and cooperate actively, and the development of baby teeth is in a stable period, permanent teeth have not yet erupted. Correction during this period needs to be carried out under the guidance of a doctor, using methods such as moving appliances and correcting bad oral habits. The treatment is relatively difficult, and there will be obvious results in about 3 months.

8-9 years old

Children of this age are in mixed teeth. If it is just a crossbite and no other problems are involved, it is relatively easy to correct. Usually, movable or fixed appliances are used to pull the maxilla forward to promote the growth of the maxilla, and children of this age have a high degree of cooperation, which often achieves a multiplier effect.


If the above two age groups are missed, the teeth straightening to the permanent teeth is generally performed after the age of 12. At this age, the teeth have been replaced, and it is difficult to correct the deformity by changing the growth. A comprehensive treatment plan is required, so the situation is more complicated, difficult, time-consuming and expensive. In the case of a bony crossbite, the bony deformity can be masked by changing the position of the teeth. If you want to achieve better results, you can also use combination therapy, or surgery.

In short, dental problems are not a small problem, it is related to the child’s appearance and health, I hope parents must pay attention to it and take their children for three months to six months. A dental check-up, timely detection of problems, and early intervention.