These 5 kinds of plants are suitable for “small bonsai”, with a wafting fragrance, the more they are raised, the more valuable they are

Nowadays many people have bought houses and improved their living conditions, but they always feel that their homes are empty, which actually lacks vitality. It is impossible without flowers and plants, because Plants can purify the air in the home and make the home full of vitality. I will introduce 5 kinds of plants to you. They are very suitable for making “small bonsai”. .

The first type, Boxwood

Boxwood is a shrub that generally grows in valleys and Near the creek, the altitude is about 1200-2500 meters. It is widely distributed in our country, but most of them are in the south. Boxwood is a beautiful plant, so it is perfect for potted plants, and it is evergreen all year round. Even in winter, we can see beautiful boxwood.

If you want to plant boxwood, you must choose fertile and well-drained soil, preferably sandy soil. Second, put boxwood potted plants in a place where they know they can be exposed to sunlight, and keep the temperature above 20 degrees, and wait until the soil is dry before watering, and must not water frequently.

The second type, camellia

Camellia is what people call camellia, and many luxury brands will use camellia to launch products. Attracting female consumers, this is because the camellia has a beautiful appearance, many petals, pink in color, and green leaves, which are very shiny and have high ornamental value.

Planting camellias at home can not only purify the air in the home, but also decorate the home and make the home more vibrant. Camellia generally grows in the southern region, and it is required to grow in a humid environment, and the environment should be warm, and proper fertilization should be applied during the growth period and flowering period.

The third type, Liu Yuexue

When I hear the name Liu Yuexue, I feel that it is very literary and romantic. June snow will really bloom in June, and the flowers are white. The value of June Snow can not only be used for viewing, but also has certain medicinal value. There are many types of it, among which the shade tree species is the most common.

Plant in June in a warm environment, but don’t be exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, and also choose moist and Loose soil, watering once a week is best.

The fourth type, jasmine

“What a beautiful jasmine”, this lyrics is already well-known, and so is jasmine A well-known plant, jasmine is characterized by its floral fragrance, which is very fresh and very beautiful after blooming. The flowers are white, not too big or too small, symbolizing the purity of whiteness and flawlessness.

Jasmine is best used as a potted plant, so it can also be used to decorate the home. For the soil, choose sandy soil, moist and fertile. During the growth period of jasmine, apply more fertilizer to ensure the nutrition of jasmine. At the same time, it needs to receive light, preferably direct sunlight.

The fifth type, Jiulixiang

Jiulianxiang is also called Qilixiang, which is what Jay Chou sang in his song. Jiulixiang has a beautiful posture and a strong floral fragrance. It can be planted as a potted plant. It is characterized by beauty and fragrance, and is welcomed by everyone.

Gurixiang should be planted in sandy soil, and planted in a sunny place. The temperature should not be lower than 10 degrees, otherwise Jiulixiang will be easily frozen to death. In order to make Jiulixiang grow better, it should be planted regularly Pruning, so that the growth rate of Murata can be faster.


The above five It is very convenient to plant and raise plants. It not only looks good, but also has a fragrance. The most important thing is that it is suitable for those friends who are usually busy with work and have no time to grow flowers. Because only need to water, they can grow well , the key is that the more you raise it, the more valuable it is, the longer it is, the more beautiful it will be, and the more flowers will bloom.