These 4 trivial things may become a stumbling block on your road to longevity, the elderly should pay attention

The older I get, the more I cherish my life, for fear that one day I will suffer from a disease or die suddenly. The length of a person’s lifespan is affected by many factors, including genetic inheritance, gender, living habits, environment, etc. Except for genetic inheritance and gender that cannot be changed, other factors are controllable. There are some inconspicuous little things that can affect the length of life, but people just ignore it.

What factors can affect longevity?

1. Sleep

The importance of adequate sleep is self-evident. Tissues, organs and cells are in a state of repair, so you must fall asleep before 11 o’clock, and sleep for 7-8 hours every night, so that each organ can receive enough blood, oxygen and nutrients to promote cell repair, and at the same time, it can also relieve fatigue and improve physical strength. And energy, on the second day full of energy, there is plenty of energy to face the next work and study.

Staying up all night or lack of sleep can affect the burden on the organs, disturb the biological clock, disrupt hormone balance, reduce resistance and immunity, and increase the risk of disease. Therefore, fall asleep at a fixed time every day to create a comfortable and harmonious sleeping environment. Before going to bed, meditate, listen to music, take a hot bath or soak your feet to fall asleep. It is worth noting that you can’t stay in bed in the morning and get up around 6:00~7:00. If you don’t get enough sleep, you might as well use your lunch break to make up for sleep, which is about 30 minutes.

2, sports

The ancients said: Life is movement. Moderate exercise can speed up the blood circulation of the whole body, promote metabolism, help expel toxins and metabolic wastes from the body, reduce the burden on the liver and kidneys, maintain the normal operation of various functions, and at the same time increase the number of immune cells to achieve the purpose of prolonging life.

The exercise time should be arranged in the evening as much as possible, choose the appropriate exercise according to your own situation, do what you can, and not be too blind. Warm up and stretch before and after exercise to avoid muscle and ligament damage during exercise and reduce muscle soreness after exercise.

3. Mentality

Almost every longevity person has a good attitude. A positive and optimistic attitude makes the body functions and cells function normally, and also improves immunity. However, negative emotions such as excessive pessimism, anxiety, fear and depression can disrupt endocrine and hormone levels, affect normal eating and sleep, and also reduce immunity and increase the risk of infection. Therefore, you should cultivate an open-minded mind, face everything calmly, vent your emotions reasonably, and divert your attention through outdoor sports, cultivating hobbies, and talking to others.

4. Diet

Diet is the foundation of good health, ensuring that different types, different Foods of different colors must be ingested. Eat at least 12 different foods a day to ensure a balanced nutrition to the greatest extent. The diet should not be too refined or too fine. Coarse grains should account for 1/3 of the staple food. When cooking rice porridge, you may wish to add miscellaneous beans, corn kernels or oats. Eat 500 grams of vegetables every day, especially dark vegetables, such as tomatoes, Broccoli, spinach or onion etc.

Message from the doctor

Diet, exercise, mentality and Sleep is related to people’s lifespan, so we should pay attention to the conditioning of these four aspects and cultivate a healthy lifestyle. In addition, you need to remind yourself to drink more water, stay away from cigarettes and alcohol, stay away from highly polluted environments, and avoid exposure to toxic and harmful substances and radiation. Both men and women should have regular physical examinations, and if necessary, cancer screening programs should be selected based on family history and their own symptoms.

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