There is a chair in the Forbidden City, golden yellow, very domineering and beautiful, but few people dare to sit on it

The Forbidden City is the imperial palace of the Ming and Qing dynasties in China. It is the place where the emperor worked and lived. This building was destined to work for the royal family from the day it was built. The majesty of the royal family and the sense of inviolability. Many things in this city are exclusive items, only the emperor can use them. If others want to move casually, they definitely don’t want to live.

The dragon chair in the Forbidden City is familiar to everyone. That is called a domineering and beautiful, this dragon chair is also known as the xiū golden carved dragon wooden chair. It was made in the Ming Dynasty and has a history of 500 years. The material of the dragon chair is golden nanmu, and then a layer of gold leaf is spread on the wood. Many people think that the Dragon Chair is made of solid gold, but this is not the case. This chair is made of wood.

Before the Western Jin Dynasty, there was no such thing as a “chair”, the ancients all sat on the floor. After the Western Jin Dynasty, the “Hu bed” of the Hu people was introduced into the Central Plains, and after continuous improvement, it became a chair. During the Sui and Tang Dynasties, chairs were popularized among the powerful and began to be widely used in the Song Dynasty.

Generally, the dragon chairs that everyone sees in court dramas are made of Huang Cancan. looks like gold. But in fact, the dragon chair is made of three kinds of wood: lobular rosewood, golden nanmu, and birch. Although it is wood, these woods are also of high value. The lobular red sandalwood grows slowly and the quantity is small, so it is also very precious, and the value of the fine red sandalwood is far more than that of gold.

In the place where the emperor usually discusses with his ministers, that is, the Hall of Jinluan, above the steps There is a dragon chair. Many people say that the dragon chair is made of pure gold, but in fact it is made of brass, but the outermost layer is coated with a layer of gold paint, and there is nothing special about it.

But there are many legends about this chair, and there are many people about it. Legend has it that, for example, this chair is cursed, and anyone other than the emperor who dares to sit on it will be cursed and die miserably.

There is also a more exaggerated statement that if outsiders dare to sit, the golden dragon on this chair will show up and eat the fake emperor. Of course, such a statement is too mythical and unbelievable. .

We all know that Wei Zheng of the Tang Dynasty dared to educate even the emperor. Once he asked Tang Taizong a question: “Do you know why you are the emperor?” The emperor was helpless when he heard this. This is the country he built himself. If he doesn’t do it himself, should he let others do it? Wei Zheng replied: “You can be the emperor because you can sit on the dragon chair.” In fact, this is educating the emperor. Even if you become an emperor, don’t be careless, because this chair may be taken away by others at any time. .

Later Yuan Shikai He wanted to restore himself and become the emperor himself. At that time, he wanted to sit on the dragon chair, but thinking that he was a fake emperor, he did not dare to sit. He made a new dragon chair and threw the original one to the side, but he didn’t expect that he would become an emperor with great difficulty. Even if he didn’t sit on the cursed chair, the emperor just couldn’t do it. After three months, he returned to the west.