The woman’s circle of friends posted a selfie, but everyone advised her to go to the hospital quickly… What’s going on?

▎WuXi Adapt Content Team Editor

Hi dear friends, it’s our interactive reasoning column again – medical unexpected.

This game is similar to “Turtle Soup” (aka “It’s Not About It”). Let’s reason together

Mystery in this issue

Aunt Ming, 53, likes to share her life. One day, she posted a photo of herself to her Moments.

But soon after it was sent, friends and relatives urged her to see a doctor.

She thought, “Is it too sensitive to be too sensitive,” but went to the doctor anyway.

The doctor also attached great importance to her and quickly arranged for her to have various examinations. It turned out that fortunately she listened to the advice, otherwise the consequences would be more serious…

So, what happened?

Inference Time

Now, you can open your mind as much as you can and leave your guesses, and we can only answer “yes”, “no” or “it has nothing to do with it.”