The “trick” of a Michelin chef, you must learn to cook during the ban

Some time ago, Taiwan released a life tip, and many partners left messages in the background “very comprehensive and practical ”, this time we have improved our professionalism: specially interviewed 8 well-known chefs and teachers, and launched this chef’s version of Kitchen Skills 2.0.

Taidai interviewed our chef friend, ” “The Magician of Pork Cooking”, the founder of HOME’S Private Kitchen, Chef Wang JumingSu Weiqing, Chef of Tang Court, a Michelin-starred restaurantMichelin’s first domestic “Young Chef Award“, One Michelin star restaurant meets Bund chef Chef Chen ZhipingMust Eat List Restaurant, Chef Sun Xiaoyang of Fine Huaiyang Cuisine Shilu Restaurant

Premium Restaurant Chef Wang Yang , they pass on the experience and know-how of cooking summed up in many years of chef’s career.

There are also 3 old friends of our food counter: Senior cook Mr. Li Qiang, cooking teacher Mr. Hirosue, cooking expert Mr. Aike , teach you some kitchen skills you need to know in home cooking.

From ingredients From preservation to cooking skills, professional indexes and practical coefficients are full, this article is definitely worth collecting!

During the lockdown period, most of the supplies were hard to buy, and there was room in the refrigerator at home. It is also limited. How to correctly classify, preserve and handle different types of ingredients will not suffer from looking down!

01 | Preservation of vegetables, fruits, eggs

Leafy greens are worthy of being a luxury, and they don’t last long, up to 4 days. Master Chen Zhiping told Taitai that they would do this as soon as the green leafy vegetables arrived in the back of the restaurant: After getting the vegetables, remove the yellow and rotten leaves, put them in Dry the water in a ventilated place, wrap it with kitchen paper, wrap it in plastic wrap, and store it in the refrigerator, which can basically be stored for more than 10 days.

Root and stem vegetables, the best storage environment is in a cool environment, inside The most special thing is potatoes, remember that sprouted potatoes must not be eaten, even Shanghainese. Master Chen Zhiping taught us that potatoes should be placed with apples, bananas and other fruits that emit ethylene gas, which can effectively inhibit the germination and growth of potatoes.

As for the ingredients such as onion, ginger, and garlic, you should also pay attention to the storage method. Just put the ginger and garlic in a ventilated place. It can also be wrapped in tinfoil and stored in the refrigerator. The onions need to be wiped dry and stored in a freezer bag in the refrigerator. Scallions can also be grown hydroponically, after all, most of Shanghai is growing them.

If you have a lot of fruit, you can put it in a fresh-keeping bag and put it in the refrigerator if you are afraid of rot. Master Sun Xiaoyang told us, span>Tropical fruits such as bananas and mangoes cannot be stored in the refrigerator. They are afraid of low temperature, and once “frozen” the peel will be sunken and some dark brown spots will appear. This will not only easily deteriorate, but also damage the nutrients.
‍‍‍‍02 | Deodorizing and cutting meat‍‍‍
The weather is getting hotter and hotter, and the preservation of meat has become a big problem. Especially the meat received by the group purchase is large, and the delivery is not timely. If there is a problem of spoilage and odor. It needs to be clear that the odor is very bad. If it is heavy, it must not be eaten.

Click the video to view the meat selection skillsMr. Li Qiang suggested that if the taste is a little changed, First cut off the surface, rinse it with running water, quickly blanch it, and cook it in a braised way. Never make meat stuffing. Eating rotten meat will have a greater impact on the body.Meat go Fishy, ​​Wang JumingMaster taught us two tricks, one is marinating with cooking wine, onion and ginger water, and the other is citrus peel and lemon slices. The effect of removing fishy smell. Master Su Weiqing uses alcohol, spices and herbs to enhance the aroma during the cooking process.Click the video to see the meat removal skills Let me teach you one of Mr. Aike’s deodorizing skills. First, soak the meat into small pieces and soak in water. Change the water every 30 minutes. You can soak it in running water overnight in winter, soak it for 2~3 hours in summer, and blanch it before cooking. , add onion, ginger, rice wine and a small amount of salt when blanching.There are also rules for cutting meat. The degree of tenderness can be cut in different ways. The old can be cut with the grain, and the tender can be cut diagonally. The shorter fiber can make the beef shredded taste better. The pork fiber is more tender and can be cut along the grain to achieve a beautiful product.

In addition, how to deal with whole chicken and whole duck has also become a hot topic recently, many People can’t start. Like Chen Zhi comment Master will use a machete in the back kitchen. If he is at home, he will use kitchen scissors to cut according to the joints. The steps become easier and it will not be like a “crime scene”. Freeze in a vacuum bag.

Master Su Weiqing also taught Taitai a coup for segmentation , the chicken can be divided according to the legs, breasts and bones, so that if you want different cooking methods, you can use different parts. The chicken legs can be stewed or boiled; the chicken wings can be fried ; Chicken breast can be shredded or diced with other side dishes to make a small stir-fry; Chicken frame can be stewed.

04 | Seafood deodorization and processingSeafood such as fish, the first criterion for deodorization is to handle clean. Click the video to view 6 ways to handle seafoodWhen handling fish, learn the coup of Master Wang Yang: use the back of the knife to scrape the scales without hurting your hands. Cut the belly from the fish tail with kitchen scissors, remove the black film inside the fish belly, wash the fish with running water, and leave no blood stains on the fish body, so that the fish meat will not be fishy.

Master Su Weiqing will use seasonings to remove the fishy smell of the seafood. It is recommended to use ginger juice, rice wine, lemon, and rice vinegar to maintain the color and flavor of the seafood.

05 | How to Quickly Thaw Frozen Fish Frozen MeatIf freezing is a panacea for food preservation, then thawing It’s the rebirth of food. Especially frozen fish and frozen meat, if you want to not destroy the quality of the frozen product, it is best to thaw slowly from the freezer to the refrigerator one day in advance. Click on the video to view the thawing of meatIf you are in a hurry to thaw frozen seafood, learn the solution of Master Wang Juming: span>After unpacking, it is directly soaked in 20% salt water. The thawing speed is more than double the freezing speed of flowing water, and the taste of frozen products is more preserved than soaking in water. (This quick thawing method is not suitable for meat)

Do not freeze and thaw repeatedly with hot water, which can easily cause bacterial proliferation.

06 | Foaming for Homemade Dry GoodsClick the video to view 9 kinds of Homemade Dry Goods Foaming< span>Some of the ingredients in the home-cooked dry goods are expensive, and the foaming is also very particular. It is necessary to reflect the delicious taste and crisp taste of the ingredients. If you want to make dry goods well, you need to use different methods according to the characteristics of the ingredients, such as water, fire, oil, salt and alkali.

Wang JumingMasterteach We, animal raw materials, such as the foaming of sea cucumbers: soak in pure water overnight, boil a pot of water, turn off the heat first, put in the sea cucumbers that have been slightly soaked, after the water cools, remove the sea cucumbers, and then Bring the pot of water to a boil, turn off the heat, put the sea cucumber back in, and let it cool down naturally… Repeat this process until the foam is complete(The degree of softness and hardness is determined by yourself) . This method also applies to dried abalone and dried squid.

Skin, black fungus, shiitake mushroom, white fungus, etc. can be soaked in cold or warm water. into the dish. Vermicelli, vermicelli, etc. can be soaked in warm or boiling water.

In addition to the preservation of ingredients, cooking is also a top priority, especially if friends who are not very good at cooking come over and learn these cooking skills to ensure that you abandon fast food and do not repeat the same thing every day.

01 | All Purpose Bowl Juice

Many kitchen cooks are in a hurry when cooking, not knowing the order of cooking, and what is even more dizzying is the ratio of seasonings, learn this all-purpose bowl of juice: A spoon of oyster sauce + 1 spoon of sugar + half a spoon of dark soy sauce, everything is delicious.

02 | Boil lardClick the video to see how to boil lard< p>Lard, known as the “golden seasoning”, is a magic weapon used by many people to enhance the flavor and taste when cooking. If you want to make lard at home, you have to use the lard suet, cut it into small pieces, add a bowl of water, and cook it on low heat. In order to prevent the lard from burning and discoloring, you can scoop out the top layer of lard from time to time during the cooking process. In this way, you can get lard that is as white as jade.

03 | Kuaishou dishes that can be made at home with suppliesNow most of the Shanghainese have At home, potatoes, carrots, zucchini, and cabbage in the vegetable supply bag are all occupied. Taitai, like the chefs, asked some fast-handed home-cooked dishes. Quickly consume the mountains of vegetables at home. Click on the video to see the specific method of cold salad three diced Cold and stir fry are cooking techniques that everyone can learn. The silk is neatly placed on the plate, and poured with all-purpose salad sauce (two spoons of soy sauce + one spoon of mature vinegar + half a spoon of oyster sauce + a little salt + a spoon of minced garlic + a spoon of red pepper + a spoon of white sesame seeds + three spoons of cold water + chopped green onion and coriander), it is a quick cold dish.
Or make a zucchini omelet, shave short shreds with salt to remove the moisture, beat 2 eggs, add salt and a little starch, spread the zucchini omelette in a pan, also Vegetables are also dim sum. Click on the video to see the specific method of sausage and potato cakesThere are more potato methods, such as sausage potato cakes, cola salad, potato rice, potato cakes, potato chips or with pork Old Shanghai Hot Sauce. And Mr. Li Qiang strongly Amway‘s pickled carrots, canto makecongeeSmall dishes. The pickles and carrots are shredded and stir-fried. Before serving, add the burnt white sesame seeds. The simple method is also delicious. Click the video to see the specific method of steamed fish with green peppercornsMaster Wang Yang also shared several home-cooked dishes about chicken, duck and fish: steamed chicken with mushrooms, duck black fungus flat tip soup, Steamed fish with green pepper and fried small crispy pork. These methods are not difficult, and the specific methods can be found in the food station applet. Being sealed at home is in short supply, and the leftovers are reluctant to throw away. Master Wang Juming taught the correct way to deal with it: leftover rice can be made into glutinous rice cakes and boiled rice . If you can’t eat the leftovers, remember to return to the pot and cook it first, then wrap it in plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator to cool slightly.

Shanghai people are so hungry for bread! Now the bread on the market has become a hard currency, and all kinds of fancy group purchases are everywhere, and Taiwan and Taiwan have grouped several companies in one go.

01 | Bread preservation and production< /img>It doesn’t matter if you accidentally make too much dough. If you want to extend its early adopter period, Mr. Hirosue, a baker, taught us a trick. It is frozen and stored in separate packages. Like toast, you can slice it first and then freeze it. The fly in the ointment is that refrigeration will accelerate the aging of the starch in the bread. Even if the bread is reheated, it will become soft again, but it will not return to the softness when it was just baked, and the taste will be greatly reduced. So everyone should stock up properly!

Bread enthusiasts, pay attention, if you can’t buy it in a group, if you want to make a dough kneader at home, you can try the “water method”, that is,Add water to the flour and knead the dough slightly, put it in the box to keep moisture, and the effect of the dough kneading machine can be achieved by folding the dough once in half an hour. This method is suitable for oubao dough, the only disadvantage is that it is a bit labor-intensive haha.

In the making of bread, yeast is more difficult. Fruits and vegetables can be used to make wild yeast for bread and steamed buns, but this actually requires a lot of experience, and the failure rate of the first attempt is as high as 90%. Best not to try it lightly.

We can still make pancakes and noodles without yeast, don’t be too obsessive.

02 | Homemade DessertsClick the video to view The specific method of French caramel puddingIn addition to bread, desserts are also greedy! In fact, some desserts are really not difficult to make. For example, the milk pudding recommended by Mr. Hirosue, can be realized with milk and eggs at home. Crack the eggs into a bowl and beat, pour in the milk and mix well, then sieve and pour into the bowl. Cover the holes tightly with plastic wrap, put them in a steamer, and steam for 15 minutes over medium heat. If you have finished oranges at home, you can use them as pudding containers to add orange flavor.

Click the picture to see the specific practice of butter cookies< span>There is also a homemade butter cookie that Master Wang Yang likes. The operation is also simple. The butter is melted with heat-insulating water. The eggs and brown sugar are beaten until white and thick. Add butter, then sift in the flour and mix well. On a baking sheet, preheat at 180 degrees and bake for 15 minutes to harvest fragrant butter cookies. And do some simple baking when you have free time at home. Test yourself can effectively relieve anxiety and improve happiness in life.

No matter how good the ingredients are, they also need careful care and proper handling. These chefs’ skills Just to help everyone, and remember to organize the refrigerator for two or three days and check the ingredients placed at room temperature every day to prevent them from spoiling. After all, supplies are really in short supply right now!
After reading it, be sure to forward it to your family and friends so that they can get what they need. Do you have any unique tips, please leave a message in the comment area!


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