The top 5 “nourishing foods” in winter are released. Red dates are not on the list, and wolfberry is only second. It is recommended to know

For the arrival of winter, people have many feelings. Although they are looking forward to enjoying the beautiful scenery after snow, they are more likely to experience various physical discomforts due to the cold weather. It is inevitable that they will be physically and mentally exhausted. Get the proper conditioning to cope with the changing seasons more comfortably.


It is often said that “food is the most important thing for the people”, so it can be seen that the adjustment of physical condition should also be based on daily diet, So today I will bring you the newly released winter “nutritious food” list, but the well-known good health food red dates are not on the list, so let’s find out!

Top 5, Hawthorn

When many friends mention hawthorn, they habitually include it in fruits and snacks, but other It has high nutritional value, and the sour taste can often relieve greasy and help digestion. It is very suitable as a standing fruit in winter.

The taste of hawthorn is rather sour, some friends can’t adapt to it, you can also eat someSeven degrees square hawthorn Pills have a different taste. On the basis of retaining the fruity aroma of hawthorn, it uses yam and jujube to reduce its own sour taste. The nutritional level is also improved. It is sweet and sour, and is more acceptable to the public.

And Qidu Fang Hawthorn Pills in order to fully retain the nutrients of hawthorn, no flavor and sucrose are added during the processing Such as redundant ingredients, natural ingredients constitute pure and delicious, dense taste, fresh and chewy, making people feel more at ease when eating.

Top 4. Ginger

The weather is getting colder and colder, and many friends with cold constitutions often suffer from colds, colds and other discomforts due to improper heat preservation. At this time, ginger can be used to help dispel the cold and warm up the body. It is relatively mild in nature and has a spicy taste. Drinking ginger tea can relieve the discomfort caused by excessive cold in the body.

Ginger is rarely eaten directly, but more as a seasoning ingredient. Friends who have the conditions can boil the ginger, After cooling down, add a little honey to reconcile and drink it, but you should also pay attention to eating less to avoid discomfort such as getting angry.

Top 3. Mung bean

Many legume foods are rich in nutrients, but in terms of edible value, mung bean is naturally among the best. It has a sweet taste and is full of nutrients from the skin to the meat. It can also help relieve some discomfort in the dry winter.

For this Sanchuan Guifang Green Cake, a different processing method is used, and the low-temperature curing process will Mung beans are combined with green plums, green grapes, dandelions and other ingredients, and are made into block cakes through scientific proportioning. The sweetness of mung beans is combined with the elegant fruity aroma. It is sweet but not greasy but full of chewy, making it even more delicious.

Different from traditional mung bean cake, Sanchuanguifang green cake strong>Not only does it have a rich taste, but its ingredients are also common ingredients in daily life. Maltose replaces sucrose for seasoning, reducing sugar without reducing sweetness, and it will not produce too much sweetness when eaten frequently.

Top 2. Lycium barbarum

When the weather is getting colder, people’s physical energy consumption will be relatively large, and some corresponding nutrients can be supplemented through wolfberry. As we all know, although wolfberry is often used as soup It is an ingredient of porridge or dishes, but its nourishing effect is strong, so it can also play a certain auxiliary effect on improving people’s physical condition.

In winter, men with drinking habits can drink some medicinal wine with wolfberry, a small amount of drinking will have great benefits for the body; time, but it can be of great help to the improvement of physical fitness and skin condition.

Top 1, black sesame

“Although the sparrow is small, the five internal organs all available. “This sentence is very suitable to describe sesame. As a black sesame with higher edible value, it is rich in nutrients and can fully meet the needs of the human body. Moreover, it contains a unique mellow fragrance. Whether it is porridge or Even if it is made into pastries, it can show different deliciousness.

AndSeven degrees square five black Cake is the “proud work” of black sesame. It is processed by blending it with a variety of coarse grains. Waxy tastes better.

It is worth mentioning that Seven degrees square five black cake< /strong>Packaged with simple and strong acrylic material, the small round can has a large capacity and can keep fresh for a longer time. It is clean, hygienic and convenient to eat and take at home!

< strong>Summary: There are many nourishing foods in winter, and the above five kinds are relatively more nutritious, so you may wish to prepare more when you go to the supermarket and eat them often to replenish your body Nutritious and full of vitality, it is better to survive the winter.