The spleen and stomach are not good, the upper body is afraid of heat and the lower body is afraid of cold?

I am very afraid of cold, sometimes my limbs are not warm and my limbs are cold, but why is it often easy to get angry? It is easy to have acne on the face, sores on the tongue, mouth ulcers, dry stools, etc. Although it is effective to take medicines for clearing away heat and purging fire, it is only after the effect of the medicines that they get angry again. Anyway, the fire always recurs. Again, very uncomfortable. what do I do?

In fact, this condition is called upper heat and lower cold in traditional Chinese medicine. As for why the body is cold, it has a lot to do with our usual diet and living habits. Many young People like to eat cold drinks, for example, they like to eat cold, iced ones, such as iced milk tea, ice cream, sorbet, and some cold food. If you have oral ulcers and pimples on your face, you will come to your door. Then, if you look at your body, and if you have a cold body, it is difficult for your hands and feet to warm up.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the spleen likes warmth and dislikes cold, which is responsible for transport and transformation. The hub where the machine lifts in and out.

If the spleen and stomach are too cold, the movement and transformation of qi will be out of balance, and the fire in the upper burner will not be able to descend to warm the kidney yang, so the hands and feet will be cold, and people will be afraid of cold; the water and kidney water in the lower burner If you can’t help the heart, the fire will be inflammatory, and the fire will run up, and it will naturally get angry.

At this time, the use of cold and cold medicines to clear away heat is more likely to damage the spleen and stomach, and the frequency of getting angry will become more and more frequent. , then simply supplement and reduce together, use both cold and heat.

Today, Dr. Liu will share two herbs to help you clear the heat from the upper and lower sides, clear the heat and dispel the cold, and improve the problem of repeated anger.

First of all, the first traditional Chinese medicine is gardenia, which is the fruit of gardenia, bitter in taste and cold in nature, good at clearing away heat and dampness, especially To clear the fire of the three burners, no matter where there is fire or heat in the body, you can use gardenia to clear the heat, and gardenia can also conduct heat and go down, which can make the evil heat excrete from the body through urine.

In addition, gardenia can also relieve depression and irritability. A person is depressed and irritable, and can’t fall asleep. Gardenia is paired with soy sauce to form “Treatise on Febrile Diseases” gardenia soy sauce, specially Used to treat upset insomnia. Use gardenia to solve the heartache and anxiety, and naturally it will help sleep.

Another traditional Chinese medicine is dried ginger. It is a medicinal material that disperses cold and acrid heat blindly. To warm in the middle to dispel cold, return Yang to Tongmai, warm the lungs and transform the drink, normal people will feel hot and sweat after drinking ginger water. People with deficient cold in the body will feel very comfortable after drinking dry ginger water, and they will not sweat or feel spicy.

The combination of the two medicines can clear the upper scorched heat and warm the lower scorched cold.

If you get angry often, don’t be afraid of cold, have loose stools, and don’t have diarrhea, the amount of gardenia should be larger, and the amount of dried ginger smaller.

If you are afraid of cold, your hands and feet are cold, your stomach hurts after eating cold and you have diarrhea, you should use more ginger and less gardenia, or stir-fry gardenia. It does not hurt the stomach; if it is more complicated, it must be treated under the dialectics of traditional Chinese medicine.