The reality you think is so cruel, no sense of crisis is the biggest crisis

I thought life was like cats eating fish, wolves eating meat, and Ultraman just fighting little monsters. But in reality, the mouse is always playing with the cat and the sheep, and the two bears can play dead and bald. It’s not that we’re not strong enough, it’s just that the world is crazy! ​ ​​​​

When you are surrounded by meters, you Very comfortable; when the rice tank bottomed out one day, I realized that I couldn’t do anything if I wanted to jump out. There is a trap called Ease! Don’t choose comfort at the age when you can endure hardship the most! There is no crisis, it is the biggest crisis! People have to be brave enough to leave their comfort zone. They don’t make progress. Crisis is everywhere consuming your ideals and souls.

As long as you live, don’t be shy, just fight! The harder you fight, the more arrogant you are, and there is no reason to talk about it. If you have to brainwash you every day to make money, then you are really suitable to be poor for a lifetime!

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