The penalty kick is poisonous, Germany and Japan will repeat the story between Asha

The penalty is poisonous! When the German team won a penalty kick in the first half, I had a premonition that the story of Argentina and Saudi Arabia would be repeated!

Sure enough, Japan, which had no hope in the first half, showed signs of turning away from customers after changing a few players in the second half! In particular, the Japanese team’s goalkeeper’s continuous attack prevented the German team’s plan to score another goal, and also left hope for a comeback!

In fact, the reason why Saudi Arabia won against Argentina also benefited from the excellent performance of the goalkeeper! In a sense, the German team lost to Japan, the master lost to the apprentice! The Japanese came off the bench, Don Anru and Asano Takuma, both played in the Bundesliga!

So, Japan’s victory still provides inspiration to Chinese football. Leaving Asia and entering Europe is much more promising than self-entertainment!

What I want to say again is that after the dismal performance of Asian teams in Qatar and Iran, there has been a rebound from Saudi Arabia and Japan, which proves that Asian football is by no means a “accompany” of the World Cup! If these top Asian teams fail, the blow to Chinese football will be unimaginable!

The German team suffered a blow in two consecutive World Cups! But I think, as long as the strong team remains the same, it will still be like Argentina, stumbling, but can go a long way! On the contrary, I express cautious doubts about England and France, which are hot from the beginning!

YiDianhao Wuqiu Business Geography

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