The Pancreatic Center of Nanjing BenQ Hospital expanded its capacity to 110 beds

On September 28, 2022, Nanjing BenQ Hospital held a pancreatic center expansion ceremony. The Pancreatic Center of the hospital is home to the workstation of Professor Miao Yi, an internationally renowned expert in pancreatic surgery. After the expansion, the total number of beds has increased from 50 to 110, creating a new model for the development of pancreatic surgery.

After more than 800 surgeries, BenQ Hospital Pancreatic Center expands capacity

Professor Miao Yi introduced that the Pancreas Center of Nanjing BenQ Hospital was officially established in October 2020, with 50 beds at that time. With 50 beds, the Pancreatic Center has seen more than 8,000 patients and performed more than 800 operations in the past two years. The vast majority of these more than 800 operations are fourth-level “major operations”, and many are patients with pancreatic cancer. Patients receive safe and high-quality medical services here.

“50 beds can no longer meet the medical needs of the general public, so the Pancreatic Center Ward has been expanded, and the number of beds has been increased to 110.” Professor Miao Yi introduced, the Pancreas Center of Nanjing BenQ Hospital The concept and technology are in line with the international frontier, and the expanded pancreas center will also feature international management and humanized services. In large hospitals, where it is easy to find one bed is difficult to find, patients can be given priority in arranging beds and receive “one-stop” real-time, full-time, multi-disciplinary, high-quality medical services.

Amplify high-quality medical resources and cooperate to find a “new way”

It is understood that the Pancreas Center of Nanjing BenQ Hospital is a branch of the Jiangsu Pancreas Alliance. Relying on the high-quality medical resources and technical advantages of the Pancreatic Center of Jiangsu Provincial People’s Hospital, the two parties are engaged in medical treatment, scientific research, teaching and personnel training. In-depth exchanges and cooperation in other fields.

Professor Miao Yi said that public hospitals have obvious advantages in talents. In cooperation with Nanjing BenQ Hospital, the integrated and dual-center development model will combine the high-quality medical resources, especially human resources of public hospitals, with non-governmental hospitals. The combination of the hardware, services and other advantageous resources of public hospitals is an innovation in the cooperation model. This is also a “new way” for public hospitals and non-public hospitals to help and cooperate and develop together to serve the vast number of patients advocated by my country’s medical reform.

The presence of expert teams in public hospitals can further cultivate non-public hospital talent teams, drive the development of hospital departments, further enhance the comprehensive strength of the hospital, enhance its influence, and create a reassuring government, public satisfaction, and social The recognized modern general hospital provides the people with better medical services and benefits the patients in the surrounding areas.

Reminder: The small long holiday is approaching, big fish and meat, drinking too much, be careful to damage the pancreas

The expansion of beds in the Pancreatic Center also reflects the increasing number of patients with pancreatic diseases in recent years. In particular, pancreatic cancer, a malignant disease with the title of “cancer king”, seriously threatens the health of the people. “The incidence of pancreatic cancer is generally increasing gradually. The main reason is firstly the change in living habits, especially the increase in high-fat and high-protein foods; secondly, with age, harmful substances such as chemicals accumulate in the body; thirdly, inspections, etc. The advancement of medical technology, the improvement of everyone’s health awareness, and the discovery of more tumor cases than ever before have led to the increasing incidence of pancreatic cancer.” Miao Yi reminded that to prevent “cancer king”, we need to pay attention to a scientific lifestyle, Balanced nutrition, moderate exercise, avoid bad habits such as alcoholism, and pay attention to regular physical examinations to detect disease signals early.

According to the situation in previous years, the upcoming small holiday will also be a high incidence time for pancreatic diseases. In particular, large fish and meat, and heavy drinking will stimulate the excessive secretion of pancreatic juice, activate a large amount of trypsin, cause pancreatic necrosis, hemorrhage, and acute pancreatitis. Acute pancreatitis is acute and dangerous, and if it develops into severe pancreatitis, it can be life-threatening. We especially remind the general public to avoid overeating and heavy drinking during holidays, especially those with gallstones, cholecystitis, hyperlipidemia and obesity, all of whom are at high risk of pancreatitis. Try not to eat or eat less greasy food. Do not drink alcohol. Seek immediate medical attention if you experience sudden severe upper abdominal pain after eating or drinking alcohol.

Correspondents Li Na Jiang Jiajia

Yangtze Evening News/Ziniu News reporter Yang Yan

Proofreading Faye Wong