The operation was successful, why did the person pass away soon after? The reason behind it is worth pondering

Introduction: When friends or family members around you are undergoing surgery, everyone will wait anxiously outside the operating room. Thousands of words can’t compare to the doctor’s sentence “The operation was very successful”. Only after hearing this sentence can I feel relieved.

Because most people think that the success of the operation means that the patient’s injury has improved, or after controlling it, they can slowly It’s getting better,But the success of the operation does not mean that the patient can be discharged from the hospital, so please don’t fall into the misunderstanding.

Successful surgery is carried out smoothly to protect patients according to the established process and expected plan If there is an operation error during the operation, or if the operationfails to achieve the expected effect before the operation and cannot benefit the patient, it is considered a failure of the operation.

What does the doctor mean by “the operation was successful”?

In fact, the phrase “successful operation” mentioned by the doctor means that the doctor has worked hard in the operating room for several After hours, the tumor or other lesions were finally removed, and there were no other unexpected problems at all.

Now the patient’s vital signs are also in a stable state, which just means that success is The results mentioned in the operation are only the first step in fighting the diseaseThe patient and their families still have a long way to go.

Many questions In fact, it is still unknown, such as whether the incision can heal smoothly, whether there will be sequelae in the later stage, or whether there will be infection problems.

So now it’s just that the operation is successful, and the later stage is still unknown, but many patients Hearing these words, he and his family felt as if they had taken a reassurance.Completely took the doctor’s words as a guarantee of recovery.

In fact, such an idea is completely wrongBecause no one can guarantee whether the patient will be able to recover smoothly in the future.No one can guarantee!

The operation was successful, why did the person pass away not long after? The reason behind it is worth pondering

Operational risk

There are also certain risks that are prone to occur during the operation, resulting in the death of the patient after the operation. These risks come from doctors on the one hand and patients themselves on the other.

The dedication from the doctor, it is very likely that the doctor performed the entire operation before the operation Inaccurate assessment, flawed operation, and unsmooth operation during operation.

However, medical care is a very complicated system nowadays, and we all cannot generalize,For example, the evaluation before the operation is not accurate.

It is very likely that due to the current medical conditions, there is really no way to treat the patient’s condition Make accurate predictions,So it is true that unexpected situations will occur after surgery.

Related to disease severity

Each patient is different ,Even if the same disease is in different stages of the disease, its prognosis will vary greatly.

If the patient has a relatively serious operation, it can only increase the survival rate of the patient. After the operation is successful, the patient may die due to disease problems.

Inappropriate postoperative care

During the treatment process, the patient’s immune system is very low,and the state is also Relatively weak, especially in cancer patients.

If you don’t take good care after the operation, you will be very prone to bacterial infection and other phenomena,< /span>This will cause cancer cells to come back and make the disease worse.

Simultaneous patients If you stay up late for a long time, sit still for a long time, and have a bad mental state for a long time, your body’s resistance will plummet. At this time, it is easy for the disease to take advantage of it again.The patient’s life expectancy will be natural It won’t be long either.

Complications after surgery

Successful surgery generally only solves the problem of the site of surgery, and other parts of the patient may be affected after surgery.< /span>And can easily bring other related diseases.

In addition, there will be wounds during the operation,If the postoperative care is not done well, it is likely to cause postoperative infection, bleeding and other complications, These problems will easily increase the risk of postoperative death of patients.

What are the complications of surgery?

According to the relevant “Surgery” textbooks in our country, due to the primary disease operation or other factors, it is very likely that there will be various symptoms after the operation. The main complications are as follows:

1. Postoperative bleeding: Incomplete hemostasis during surgery, coagulation disorders, or incomplete control of wound bleeding;

2. Postoperative fever: This is a very common symptom after surgery;

3. Respiratory system complications: Respiratory system complications occupy the No. 1 cause of death after surgery2;

4. Postoperative infection;

< p data-track="35">5. Incision complications: hemorrhage, hematoma, and blood clot are the most common complications, which are generally defects in hemostasis techniques.

Surgery The risk is high, why do you need surgery?

The reason why surgery is very risky, and surgery is necessary, because the main purpose of surgery is three,< strong>respectively: saving life, preserving function, and reducing pain of patients.

Patients who can achieve one of the above three goals through surgery< strong>, surgical treatment can be considered.

Of course, the operation method is determined according to the condition, The general principle is that on the premise of ensuring the above three purposes, the simpler the operation, the smaller the damage, the better.

People without treatment live longer, and what is the reason?

In fact, to be honest, people without treatment live longer,This can be said to be a It is a kind of medical miracle, and this kind of situation can be said to be very rare.

All of us can’t just look at a case< span>, but to consider the problem from a longer-term perspective.

It’s not that others can live longer without treatment, some people can live longer after treatment If you don’t live long, you think that there is no need for treatment at all, and you think that treatment is just a waste of money and manpower.

But looking around the world, we can find many serious diseases and cancer patients with no treatment Although there are people who can live a long life, they are very few.Especially in the face of cancer, not treating it can be said to be tantamount to admitting defeat.

How to help patients recover after surgery?

Supplementary nutrition

After the operation, the patient is in a weak state. At this time, proper supplementation of protein and glucose will help the patient recover, and it will also help the wound heal.

Healthy Living< /p>

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle after surgery can also greatly improve the survival of patients after surgery. An optimistic attitude, but also to ensure regular and adequate sleep, do not smoke and drink, and adhere to appropriate exercise.

These methods are helpful to enhance physical fitness and improve immunity Strength and resistance,So as to prolong the postoperative survival period of patients more effectively.

Take medicine on time

During surgery Afterwards, many patients need to follow the doctor’s advice and use medicines rationally. If there is such a situation, they must take the medicines on time and according to the amount.This can effectively help patients recover as much as possible, and can also Avoid postoperative complications.

Conclusion: All in all, a successful operation does not mean a cure After the disease, after the operation is successful, all of us have to pay more energy to the patient, so from some perspectives, the operation is more dangerous after the operation than during the operation.