The number of national industrial design centers in Wuhan increased to 7, and many “national brands” brought ace design products

Changjiang Daily, Wuhan Client, August 5th (Reporter Li Jia, Correspondent Wu Jingxuan) “The companies that visited the exhibition in previous sessions have now displayed their exhibits at the exhibition. Do you want to ask What does my industrial design bring to Wuhan? This is the answer.” On August 5, in the Wuhan Innovation Exhibition Area of ​​the 5th China International Industrial Design Expo, Li Shaokang, head of the D+M Industrial Design Town of Wuhan Langjian Group, told reporters tells a story.

He introduced that a few years ago, a company engaged in monitoring technology, through the Industrial Design Expo held in Han, Find the exhibition area of ​​Langjian Group, consult with industrial design experts, and quickly become a Langjian customer.

Through industrial design, this company has entered the subdivision track of baby care products. After just 3 years, its smart dining chair products have entered the top five brands of smart baby caregivers on the Tmall platform in 2021. . Just at the fifth exhibition, this product became an exhibit.

As an important national industrial base, Wuhan has been empowering the manufacturing industry with industrial design and driving industrial innovation with design innovation.

On August 5th, the fifth batch of national industrial design centers awarded Brand, Wuhan Heavy Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Jinyun Laser Co., Ltd. Technology Center were selected as the fifth batch of national industrial design centers.

In the “Selection Competition” of the National Industrial Design Center, Wuhan has never been “left behind”. In 2015, Wuhan achieved a “zero” breakthrough in the number of national industrial design centers, and Fiberhome Communication Technology Co., Ltd. Innovation Design Center and Dongfeng Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. were included in the “national team”; in 2017, Wuhan AutoNavi Infrared Co., Ltd. The company’s industrial design center was selected into the third batch of national industrial design centers; in 2019, Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd. technology center and Huagong Technology Industry Co., Ltd. industrial design center were selected into the fourth batch of national industrial design centers.

This time, many Wuhan “national brands” brought their products to the exhibition. The first batch of national-level industrial design centers in Hubei Province focused on displaying newly developed core technology products such as the “intelligent networked vehicle test field overall solution”.

The Industrial Design Center of Wuhan AutoNavi Infrared Co., Ltd. brought the TD Dolphin series monocular handheld infrared telescope and the TN series Rectangular series binocular handheld infrared telescope that just won the 2022 “German iF Design Award” A variety of new products such as telescopes, which were exhibited for the first time, are all equipped with AutoNavi’s “infrared core”.

The Industrial Design Center of Huagong Technology Industry Co., Ltd. brought the first domestic wafer laser cutting equipment for the first time. For self-developed.

Up to now, Wuhan has 7 national-level industrial design centers, 39 provincial-level industrial design centers, and 30 municipal-level industrial design centers. Strong kinetic energy.

[Editor: Deng Laxiu]

[Source: Changjiang Daily – Changjiang Net]