The most incompetent performance of a man is generally reflected in these aspects, I hope you don’t


A capable person will win the respect of others at any time, and will win the kneeling and licking of others, On the contrary, we can’t live our own lives, so we must know what we are doing. It is very important to show our abilities, but if we show our abilities too much, it will lead to a very sad life.

A man’s most incompetent performance is generally reflected in these aspects, I hope you don’t.

01. Is it fashionable?

The first thing a person’s ability pays attention to is his appearance. We must know that when his appearance is sloppy, this person must not be very good. , it’s just that you have to put your mind into it when you dress up, if it’s just the appearance of the packaging, it’s useless if you don’t have temperament.

Actually, many men pay great attention to their own image, but they exaggerate when they dress up, just like women put on extra makeup. , then there will always be some entanglements between men and women, so as a man, he must dress himself in fashion most of the time.

A man’s greatest ability is that he knows how to behave and will not do things too much. In our life, there are many things, we should really think about it seriously, don’t always think too much too much, every thing, if you think too much, it will lead to a series of things happen .

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02. Is it mature

Imature men are generally incompetent. In fact, a man pays most attention to his own image. He must be decent in all aspects of dressing, and he must conceal himself in the process of interacting with others. The weakest side, don’t always let others grasp the shortcomings, and it is also a kind of incompetence to show your ability too much in many cases.

If a man often likes to borrow money from others, and really likes to take advantage of others, then such a man is generally incapable, so in our There are some things in life that we must think carefully about. Don’t be scruples about everything because of impulse, otherwise you will regret it for life.

A capable man generally has an extraordinary temperament, while a man without ability may be nothing. There are many things in our life, we must know what we are doing to think about everything in life, don’t always think about everything so badly, it is useless to think too much.


The most incompetent manifestation of a man is that he never seriously considers his words and deeds when it comes to human relationships. In fact, we should know that many things in life are really not that easy and problems may arise at any time. We have to know what we’re doing because some things in this world are just like that, and it’s hard to get it right.