The method of traditional Chinese medicine to restore men’s disease and prostatitis is to clear the body when it is real, and tonic when it is empty

To put it bluntly, it means to solve the symptoms according to the symptoms, not to treat the diseases according to the diseases.

So many friends will ask what does it mean?

First of all, you said to Chinese medicine practitioners that I want to treat Yangwei premature diarrhea, so I’m sorry but I can’t treat it, why can’t I treat it, because they are just diseases, and there are many kinds of diseases, For example, liver and gallbladder damp heat, heart-kidney disharmony, spleen-kidney yang deficiency, mingmen-fire failure, etc., so we must resolve the symptoms.

First of all, when your evidence is serious, the main symptoms are yellow urine, urine Pain, dry stool, or frequent stools or abdominal pain and refusal to press, or perineal swelling (damp heat, cold damp, and stasis). At this time, it is necessary to clear away heat, diuresis, activate blood circulation and remove blood stasis, and tonify the kidney and spleen. At this time, the tongue coating will become thicker. When the greasy becomes clean, this proves that it is time for the evil energy to recede and the righteous energy to recover.

After treatment, usually seven days to half a month, the tongue coating is clean, the stool is formed, neither dry nor thin, and the urine is clear. At this time, it is necessary to change the dressing and supplement Primarily vital energy (although bitter and cold medicines are used to treat symptoms, they can also hurt people’s righteousness, and human blood will flow away with the evil energy with urine and urine, which will consume people’s righteousness). With blood circulation promoting and blood stasis dispelling as an aid, your mental state will gradually improve.

People are not weak, frequent urination, wet urine will change, but your tongue coating will It becomes greasy and seems to return to the state of treatment at the beginning, but if you observe carefully, your tongue will gradually become rosy (the tongue coating of normal people is thin and white, light red), although the tongue coating is greasy, but you do not feel tired or weak In this case, it means that the vital energy has been supplemented and restored. Generally, the process of replenishing vital energy takes 20 days to one month.

To a certain extent, the damp evil will come up again, and the first plan will be used in the past. When the damp evil goes down, the vitality will be greatly replenished. It will be thick and greasy, which means that the body is changing and recovering. Until the end, the deficiency was much better, the ability to remove dampness was strong, and the tongue coating was clean and rosy.

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This is the idea and general direction of recovery for andropathy and chronic prostatitis drugs. If you have this process in your recovery, then congratulations, it will definitely be good if you stick to it.

If your tongue coating has not changed since the treatment, it means that you are not well at all, even if you persist. Therefore, the recovery of kidney deficiency is a process in which righteous energy overcomes evil energy and restores the balance of Yin and Yang.

Specifically what Chinese medicine can be used, you can pay attention to my previous articles, give you an idea, let you To go on the right path, only by knowing this disease can we overcome this disease.