“The map can show every street in Taiwan Province”, netizens: There are Hankou Street and Wuchang Road

The morning of the 5th

#The map can display every street in Taiwan Province#

The topic rushed to the top of the Weibo hot search list

Some netizens found that

Search “Taiwan Province” through the mobile map software

Can display the complete map of Taiwan

accurate to street traffic lights

and real-time congestion of each road section

< /img>

Screenshot of map software

Attentive netizens are on the hot search at the same time

There is also an interesting topic

#think Go to Taiwan Province to eat Shanxi knife-cut noodles#discovered

The naming of streets in Taiwan Province The way

includes many familiar place names

such as Zhongxiao Road, Xinyi Road, Guangzhou Street,

Wuchang Road, Hankou Street, etc.

Netizens can’t help but sigh

At the same time on the hot search

There is an interesting topic

#want to go to Taiwan Save Shanxi Noodles#

It turned out that some netizens were looking at the map

and found “Shanxi “Sliced ​​Noodles” and other snack bars

Map software screenshot< /p>

In fact, not only knife-cut noodles are available in Taiwan Province

There are also hot-dried noodles in Wuhan

Netizens said: I want to eat!

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