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October 8

Wuhan Center for Disease Control and Prevention

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The flu threat never goes away!

Influenza vaccine is most economical

The most effective preventive measure!

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that influenza causes 3-5 million severe cases and 290,000-650,000 respiratory disease-related deaths worldwide each year. People are generally susceptible to influenza, and some people are more likely to develop severe cases after infection. High attention should be paid.

Severe cases

Who are the at-risk groups?

The “Influenza Diagnosis and Treatment Program (2020 Edition)” issued by the National Health and Medical Commission pointed out that the groups who are prone to develop severe cases after infection include:

1. Age

2. Elderly people aged ≥ 65 years;

3. Those with the following diseases or conditions: chronic respiratory disease, cardiovascular system disease (except hypertension), kidney disease, liver disease, blood system disease, nervous system and neuromuscular disease, Metabolic and endocrine system diseases, malignant tumors, and immunosuppressed populations;

4. Obese (BMI greater than 30);

5. Pregnant and perinatal women.

Fighting the flu threat

Vaccination is most important

Influenza vaccination every year is the most economical and effective way to prevent the flu. It is recommended to actively get the flu vaccine before the annual flu season.

Source: Hubei, Wuhan Center for Disease Control and Prevention

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