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The 222nd Hubei Province Health WeChat Influence Ranking


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Hubei Province Health Class

WeChat Influence Ranking

ByHubei Provincial Health CommissionRelease,Sun Yat-sen University School of Public Health,Institute of Health Policy and Hospital Management, Southern Medical University, Guangdong Institute of Health Statistics The Hubei Provincial Health System WeChat Influence Index Ranking List, which provides academic support from authoritative top data analysis experts, is launched todayIssue 222,This leaderboard will be 1 issue per week will be updated, everyone is welcome to pay attention! The sample size of this list is a total of 330 WeChat public accounts of members of the Hubei Provincial Health and Health System. The statistical period is from November 7, 2022 to November 13, 2022. The statistics are as of November 18, 2022. Day 0:00.

Overall ListThis week’s overall list has ups and downs, and we are fighting for the top spot! ! Healthy Hubei” ranked first The position is still as stable as Mount Tai! After all, there is a period of time, and the beginning of winter will come as promised. Lidong is the first solar term in winter and represents the beginning of winter. Autumn is over, winter is here, and the sky is freezing cold. May you have clothes to warm your body, and someone to warm your heart. With a warm heart, winter is also warm. →→Today’s Lidong: Tonight is colder than last night, and it’s late autumn without a bottle< /span>Healthy Yichang” Chong Chong Chong, straight to the second place on the list! At present, most of the people who have tested positive for the new coronavirus are asymptomatic infections. From this, many people think that the Omicron virus will become weaker and weaker. Is it true? Wu Yang, director of the Emergency Communication Department of the Hubei Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention, gave an answer→→Omicron Will the virus become weaker and weaker? Ezhou Disease Control ” fell one place and temporarily ranked third! At present, the domestic epidemic situation is still severe and complicated, especially the Omicron strain, which is ferocious, spreads quickly, is highly concealed, and is difficult to deal with. Experts from the Ezhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention appeal again: Vaccination against the new coronavirus is the most fundamental, economical and effective means of preventing and controlling the epidemic. It is very important for the elderly aged 60 and above to be vaccinated against the new coronavirus! →→Appeal again: It is very important for people aged 60 and above to be vaccinated against the new crown virus!

Weekly Government Affairs Rankings This week’s government affairs rankings are full of highlights, each showing their style! Healthy Hubei” continues to walk ahead , leading the list first! The recent epidemic situation is severe and complicated, and the autumn and winter flu season has begun again. The temperature is also fluctuating and changing, so be careful to let various pathogens “take advantage of the gap”. I would like to remind you to beware of these 8 diseases in November→→In November, please focus on prevention 8 Seed diseaseHealthy Yichang Another one, ranking second on the list! Nucleic acid detection is an effective way to block the spread of the new coronavirus. According to media reports, in the way of the spread of the new coronavirus, nucleic acid testing is one of the scenarios prone to cross-infection. Why is there such a big risk of being recruited when queuing up for nucleic acid testing? →→Nucleic acid detection is ignored, the virus will find you in a breath! Ezhou Disease ControlFailed to hold the second position, fell one place, and ranked third! The comprehensive investigation team of Ezhou City found through precise investigation that a positive infected person Liu XX reported at the isolation point that day was infected due to close contact with another positive infected person (detected after sampling) during sampling. For this reason, experts from the Ezhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention urgently remind you that in order to effectively avoid exposure to infection during nucleic acid sampling, you should pay attention to the following 5 points→→ Passed by for 16 seconds to be infected! Experts from the Ezhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention urgently reminded!

Hospital Class Week List

This week’s hospital rankings are full of dark horses, and the strong are gathered! Wuhan University People’s Hospital” Step by step, the sword refers to the champion of this issue and goes straight to the first place on the list! The woman suffered from shoulder and neck pain, numb hands, and the back of her neck seemed to be tightly “strangled” by invisible hands. Could this be the legendary “ghost choking neck”? ! Let’s see→→A woman was “choked by a ghost”? The reason is…Wuhan Concord Hospital” has suddenly emerged in this issue, soaring to the second place on the list! In autumn and winter, not only the yellowing leaves fall, but also the hair that falls off every morning. For contemporary migrant workers, especially those born in the 90s, how to ensure the “top priority” and prevent baldness has become a major problem. Who is suitable for hair transplant? Hair transplant only hair transplant? What should I pay attention to after hair transplantation? Experts popularize science for you! →→“bald” attack? The “head” and other important things may still be saved! Shiyan City Taihe Hospital span>” This issue is slightly inferior, ranking third! According to the instructions of the Municipal Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters, Taihe Hospital fully lifted the lockdown management on November 13, and officially resumed outpatient, emergency and inpatient services. Please feel free to seek medical treatment. →→Announcement on Taihe Hospital’s Full Resumption of Outpatient, Emergency and Inpatient Services

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Interpretation of the list

1. Platform authority

The health system of Hubei Province takes system development as the goal, continuously improves the level of new media operation and maintenance in the health system, and promotes the construction of the province’s health system by publishing rankings! Promote the healthy development of health care!

2. Reliable data sources

The list data comes from the health system of Hubei Province. There are a total of 330 authorized official accounts, covering nearly 10 types of official accounts such as government affairs, hospitals, and individuals. Guarantee The richness and comprehensiveness of the data.

3. Academic support authority

The data team consists of Sun Yat-sen University School of Public Health, Southern Medical University Institute of Health Policy and Hospital Management Composed of top domestic and foreign experts and scholars from the Guangdong Provincial Health Statistics Association, using the most cutting-edge data analysis technology to create an all-round WeChat health ranking list.

< br/>

After considering the data of each dimension, the data team deduced the specific index through a series of complex and rigorous formulas. Compared with other indicators, the health list WCI It can more authoritatively reflect the overall dissemination and influence of the WeChat official account.

4. The calculation method is updated in real time and the result is accurate

Interpretation of the ranking WCI formula

health index Refer to Qingbo WCI (WeChat Communication Index), on the basis of the communication index, consider the health public in a more targeted manner According to the index weight of the official account, the index is divided into first-level indicators and second-level indicators, focusing on the health of the published content, the number of readings and the number of likes. This is a good reflection of the communication ability of health WeChat public accounts.

1When the number of readings > 1000:< /strong>

2When the number of readings is ≤1000:

< span class="data-bgcolor--tt-darkmode-ac1d10">3Indicator Analysis

Where,< strong>R is the < /span>Total reading;Z is the Total number of likes;d is included in the evaluation periodNumber of days (generally 7 days per week, 30 days per month, 365 days per year, other custom time periods are calculated as real days);n is the account during the evaluation periodnumber of articles published;RmaxandZmax is the article published by the account during the evaluation periodHighest Reading CountandHighest number of likes.


According to various indicators Weight, we can calculate the weight of the secondary indicators in the overall indicators, more intuitively seeThe direct influencing factors that affect the value of WCI. As shown in the picture:

The epidemic is not over yet, the epidemic prevention cannot be slack

Source: Hubei Health Education Center