The huge uterine fibroids in the woman’s stomach weighed 5 kilograms and were surgically removed by the People’s Hospital of Pingshan District

Recently, the gynecological team of Pingshan People’s Hospital successfully removed a huge 5kg uterine fibroids that had been hidden in the stomach for many years from a 50-year-old female patient. The patient is currently recovering and is in good health. His superb medical skills are highly praised by patients and their families.

It is reported that the patient suffered from uterine fibroids 9 years ago. In 2019, the ultrasound examination at Pingshan People’s Hospital showed that the fibroids were as big as the head of a full-term fetus. The doctor recommended hospitalization for surgery. , but the patient was not hospitalized for a variety of reasons. Recently, in the free two-cancer screening project carried out by the hospital, the patient was re-examined, but the results of the examination could not help but shocked the doctor: the patient’s uterine fibroids grew rapidly, and the belly was as big as a full-term pregnancy, and it was growing. The speed is staggering, and surgery must be scheduled as soon as possible.

Uterine fibroids are the most common and common tumors in women of childbearing age and perimenopause, but such huge and special uterine fibroids are rare. In order to prevent the deterioration of the condition, chief physician Li Xiaoyan of the gynecology department immediately arranged a hospitalization for the patient, and carefully studied the patient’s diagnosis and treatment plan with the team members, including adequate preoperative examination, postoperative care, etc., and formulated a detailed and thorough surgical plan for the patient. Because the fibroids were too large and were broad ligament fibroids in a special location, considering that the patient was 50 years old, the doctor decided to perform abdominal hysterectomy and bilateral salpingectomy.

The larger the tumor, the greater the risk of surgery. Once malignant transformation or massive hemorrhage occurs, it will be life-threatening to the patient. The selection of incisions, the prevention of intraoperative bleeding, the prevention of ureteral injury, the estimation of the operation time and the coordination of anesthesia must be considered carefully, which also brings a lot of challenges to the gynecological medical team. Director Li Xiaoyan further improved and optimized the surgical plan. The team members conducted a comprehensive discussion and adequate risk assessment of various complications that may occur during and after surgery. At the same time, they coordinated the anesthesiology department to select experienced anesthesiologists to implement personalized anesthesia for patients. Program.

Everything is ready. On the morning of April 15th, the operation was successfully carried out. During the operation, the chief surgeon Li Xiaoyan found that the anatomical structure of the patient’s uterus was severely deformed, and the huge tumor in the pelvis originated from the right broad ligament of the uterus. The boundary is unclear, and the nutrient blood vessels on the surface of the tumor are thick and dense, and the roots are misconnected, which increases the difficulty of surgery and the risk of bleeding. With multi-disciplinary collaboration, the medical staff, with their rich clinical experience and superb operating skills, successfully removed a 5-kg fibroid for the patient after more than 2 hours, and the intraoperative blood loss was only 400ml. The operation was very successful. The patient returned to the ward safely.

With the active encouragement and careful care of the medical staff in the department, the patient’s vital signs are stable and he is gradually recovering. The “freak in the belly” was successfully removed, and the patients and their families expressed their sincere gratitude to all the medical staff in the gynecology department of Pingshan People’s Hospital.

Pingshan District People’s Hospital gynecologist reminds adult female friends: It is very important to take care of your own health and conduct regular gynecological examinations and physical examinations every year!