The heating is here, and there will be no winter from now on

The heating is here and there will be no winter

Zheng Dingwen

From November 15 The heating came on from day one, and the room was warm and warm, warmer than spring. Living in such a room should be considered a blessing.

Living in a house with heating, there is no cold spring in early spring, nor The cold air of late autumn hits people. So, it feels better than spring, summer and autumn. As for going out, just wear warm clothes.

I remember many years ago, when there was no heating, the cold in winter Ah, it was enough. Although there is a stove, I dare not put it in the house at night for fear of gas poisoning. In those years, there were frequent reports of gas poisoning. I had a colleague who was teaching in a high school. Before going home on Saturday, some female students she knew said they wanted to wash clothes in the teacher’s house by boiling hot water. The colleague gave the key to these students, and they washed Sleep in this room after putting on your clothes. Afraid of the cold, the stove was not moved out. As a result, a tragedy happened. These students passed away forever due to gas poisoning. This teacher did something bad with good intentions, was terrified, suffered a great loss, and dared not live in that house anymore. Living in it, he felt restless and couldn’t sleep. Later, he insisted not to work in that school. Worked in junior high school until retirement. This incident became a big news at that time, and it was widely spread.

I remember the chilly mornings of those days when my co-workers always joked when they met Ask the other party: Did you “be the team leader” last night? That means, is it frozen into a ball? Really, it’s so cold, even if you add a quilt, you have to spend a long time warming the quilt before going to bed!

We used heating here in the winter of 2015. From then on, everyone and I bid farewell to the long cold night and enjoyed the fruits of social progress. Since then, I feel that every winter is happier. When you return home from the outside, you are enveloped by the heating atmosphere. You have to take off your coat, otherwise it will be unbearably hot.

Therefore, in the past eighteen years, in all seasons, my favorite The season is winter. With heating, the biggest feature of winter is stability. Once you get used to winter, you don’t feel too cold. Just go outside from the room, add some clothes, and dress warmly. In this long winter, isn’t it nice to have heating at home and wear warm clothes outside? In winter, there is no late spring coldness in spring, no hot dog days in summer, and no coldness in late autumn. It’s even better when it’s snowing. Put on a coat or down jacket, walk through the silvery white world, enjoy the snowflakes flying all over the sky, watch the children build snowmen, play snowball fights, and ski on sloped sections. How pleasant it would be!

Ah, with heating, there will be no winter anymore. Living in a house with heating is more comfortable than spring!