The forest is full of beauty and picturesque! The Metasequoia forest in Guangfulin Country Park ushers in the best viewing period→

Early Winter’s Breathing Breathing Effect
Exhausting Yellow-brown Water CedarEiing Eyes
Water Cedar Forest in Guangfu Lin Suburban Park
The best viewing season >
When the weather is free to walk< /span>
This is one of the most beautiful paintings of the water cedar forest
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Guangfu Lin Suburban Park

< section>At this timeGuangfu Lin Suburban Park
The “Flower and Flower World” of the Springtime Village
However, this is the main corner of this time
One piece of high and large cedar trees
The image is the fall of the mother-in-law’s magic>Attracted many tourists to take pictures in autumn

The trunk can reach 30 to 40 meters
Now is the time when the metasequoia is gradually turning red
Green, brown-red, yellow-brown
Many colors
Vigor and decay coexist< /section>

Metasequoia is not as graceful as weeping willow
There is no passion like maple
There is no ginkgo brilliance
But it stands upright
< span>Jade tree facing the wind, straight to the sky

The breeze hits
Falling silently like wings
Exudes a unique Aroma

The leaves are still fluttering on the treetops
From a distance, it looks yellow and brown
< span>showing the wonderful once a year in its life

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That touch of splendor
< span>reflected on the water
beautiful and fascinating

When the ginkgo is falling
Only the “yellow brown” of the metasequoia is still colorful
It seems to welcome the coming early winter
First gift

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Looking for a weekend
A trip to autumn
Guangfulin Country Park
Ask relatives and friends
to find that piece of Metasequoia

< span>Guangfulin Country Park

Address: No. 3488, Chenta Road, Songjiang District

Business Hours: Monday to Sunday 08:00-18:00, no admission at 17:00

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Editor: Shen Lina