Is the high incidence of cancer in our country related to chicken? The research results are announced, it is recommended to know in advance

Introduction: In the previous era, due to poor living standards, people could hardly eat chicken all year round, but now the living conditions are getting better and better, if you want to With chicken, it can be settled in just a few minutes.

Chicken is rich in protein, very suitable for middle-aged and elderly people, and chicken is rich in fat and vitamins , For people who lose weight, there will always be chicken breasts in their daily diet.

There are many ways to eat chicken in China, like boiled chicken, fried chicken, grilled chicken The scents are unique and loved by everyone, but some people say that the high incidence of cancer in China is related to muscles, so is this really the case?


Is the high incidence of cancer in my country related to chicken? The research results are announced, it is recommended to know in advance

Can chicken really cause cancer?

There are a lot of rumors about chicken, and what worries many people is eating chicken It can cause cancer. This statement comes from a study by Oxford University. The researchers collected data on the eating habits and diseases of 475,000 middle-aged British people from 2006 to 2014.

Relevant studies have found that an increase in the daily intake of poultry is positively related to the risk of colon cancer and breast cancer Related, if you eat 30 grams of poultry per day, the risk of cancer will increase by 20%.

So does this one by one really cause cancer? Is this research reliable? The fact that this study is merely an observational study, and its conclusions only suggest a certain correlation between the two.

Yun Wuxin, Ph.D. in food engineering, said: the research results do not mean that eating chicken will increase the risk of cancer, It does not mean that cancer patients prefer to eat chicken, and more and more direct evidence is needed to prove the causal relationship between the high incidence of cancer and eating chicken.

In fact, in daily life, eating chicken is a very good source of nutrition, so you don’t have to overdo it Worry about your risk of cancer.


It is good to eat chicken, but you should control the following 6 parts Mouth

【1】 Chicken butt, also known as chicken tip, refers to the The feathered part of the butt

The chicken butt is where the lymph glands are concentrated, because the lymph The macrophages in the gland can swallow bacteria and viruses, and even carcinogens cannot be decomposed, so the toxins will be deposited in the chicken butt, which will become a large warehouse for storing viruses and bacteria in the long run, so everyone should not eat this part .

【2】ChickenThe meat under the buttocks

The meat here has large pores, a lot of lymphatic tissue and a very high fat content, if eaten The meat here is not good for your health, so everyone should keep their mouths shut.

【3】Chicken head

When chickens eat food, they will eat heavy metal toxins. These toxins are mainly stored in the brain tissue. The older the chicken, the greater the amount of toxins stored, the machine The greater the toxicity, the less it can be used, especially for chickens over three years old.

【4】Chicken neck

The neck of the chicken is the place where the lymph gathers, there are a lot of toxins in it, there is a tube in the neck of the chicken, the trachea must be removed, and the meat of the chicken neck is very small, but the blood vessels and lymph glands are quite concentrated , so it is best to remove the outer skin when eating.

Lymphatic and other detoxification lines are concentrated in the subcutaneous of the neck These glands of fat contain toxins in the animal body and antibiotics in the feed. There is a thin layer of skin on the neck of the chicken, and there are many lymph nodes that must be cleaned before eating.

【5】The lowest part of chicken neck thyroid

The bottom name of the thyroid gland in the chicken neck is thyroid, which is called granulated meat, and its main component is thyroxine. Excessive intake of thyroid in the body is prone to thyroid Hyperfunction, so the thyroid gland should be removed.

【6】Chicken lung

We cut the belly of the chicken from the middle, and then we can see When it comes to the internal organs of the chicken, the chicken lungs are blood red. Chicken lungs can swallow a small amount of dust and bacteria, and even leave a small amount of live bacteria. Therefore, when cleaning the chicken lungs, they must be cleaned. Some blood vessels connected to the chicken lungs are also It should be cleaned well, it is best not to use chicken lungs.

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What foods go well with chicken and are better for health?

Chicken + Chestnut: The nutritional value of chestnut is very rich. Judging from the medicinal properties of food, chestnut tastes sweet and warm, which can nourish the stomach and spleen, promote blood circulation and stop bleeding. Chicken is not only delicious, but also rich in nutritional value. It can nourish qi and blood. Eating benefits with chicken can benefit Spleen and stomach, nourishing kidney, suitable for patients with weak kidneys.

Chicken + Baijiu: Used together, it can nourish blood and Qi, activate blood and dredge collaterals, and is suitable for patients with loose muscles and bones, dizziness and panic.

Chicken + red beans: Nutrition in red beans The ingredients are very rich, such as fat, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and carotene, which are helpful to health, and can nourish yin, nourish blood and improve eyesight. Red beans and chicken can better nourish qi and blood for the body.

Chicken + cabbage sprouts:Calbage sprouts contain chlorophyll, vitamin A, vitamin C, and calcium, which can help the stomach to digest, promote metabolism, regulate internal organs and intestines, and chicken Fat, protein, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins, the combination of the two can activate blood and regulate menstruation.

Chicken + Bamboo Shoots:Bamboo shoots taste sweet Sweet and cold, it can clear away heat and reduce phlegm, invigorate the spleen and stomach. Combining bamboo shoots with chicken can invigorate Qi, warm the stomach and replenish essence and marrow. Bamboo shoots are low-fat, low-sugar and multi-fiber foods, which are more suitable for obese people.

Chicken + Flammulina velutipes: Muscle can be enriched Fill the marrow, activate blood and regulate menstruation. Flammulina velutipes contains carotene, an essential amino acid protein, which can prevent and treat liver and gastrointestinal diseases. For children who are growing and developing, it can enhance memory, enhance intelligence, and promote better physical development. .